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to be fairly confident that dogs dont care what shape their worming tablet comes in?

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ditavonteesed · 26/04/2013 21:14

dont think they care if it is bone shaped, or shit shaped or shaped like a dancing giraffe.

OP posts:

HoneyDragon · 26/04/2013 21:15

I think some would appreciate a shit shaped one if it was shit flavoured too.


thebeastandbeauty · 26/04/2013 21:16



snowpo · 26/04/2013 22:20

Mine would like his in cat shit flavour please, stinking hound.


NorksAreMessy · 26/04/2013 22:21

I thought the very same thing last week. Covered in pâté (or poo) it was guzzled unseen


CabbageLeaves · 26/04/2013 22:26

Yanbu! Bone shaped just gives them grip to remove it from the back of their throat and spit out 5 minutes after having it stuffed down there


Fuzzysnout · 26/04/2013 22:27

Please don't use the bone ones. I know of a few people whose dogs have been really really ill after a serious reaction to them.


PersonalClown · 26/04/2013 23:47

I can't give my Staffy the bone shaped or chewy ones. They've got a protein or preservative in them that he's allergic too. Bog standard white pills for him smothered in peanut butter for bribery.

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