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to think Eastenders is waaaaaaaay overdue a new baby-crying audio?

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AtYourCervix · 26/04/2013 20:23

They've been using that Waaaa-aaaaa-iiiiiil for 14 years now.

I know that beacuase DD1 had a doll (called molly the spensive dolly) when she was 3 that made that exact same crying Noise.

Yes. I need to get out more.

OP posts:

IvorHughJangova · 26/04/2013 20:28

I am replying on my DHs behalf as he just said the exact same thing. YANBU


Shakey1500 · 26/04/2013 20:40

No idea on the wail but I do want just say "YEEESSSSS!" to Bianca Smile

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