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in counting sweetcorn as one of their five a day?

48 replies

ChilliJo · 26/04/2013 17:43

So sweetcorn, lovely sweetcorn. So easy to add to a kid's meal to increase the veg quota... But really, should it be included? Does it provide any goodness? We all know it comes out the other end the same way it went in. Does any of its nutrients get absorbed? Can I legitimately count it as a veg portion?

OP posts:

WilsonFrickett · 26/04/2013 17:46

It's a veg, isn't it? If Heinz Tommy soup counts, so does sweetcorn!


LadyBeagleEyes · 26/04/2013 17:49

It does count as a 5 a day, but it's only nice slathered in hot melted butter, which kind of defeats the purpose really.


LaQueen · 26/04/2013 17:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meddie · 26/04/2013 17:52

Course it counts.

I,ve been counting bounty bars as 2 of my 5 a day for years.
(coconut is a fruit and chocolate is made out of cocoa beans, which are a veg) taadaa.
Oh don't forget the wine too (grapes are a fruit)


StuntGirl · 26/04/2013 17:56

Course it counts. I'm chowing down on a lovely stir fry right now with lots of sweetcorn in it. Delicious!


NotDavidTennant · 26/04/2013 17:59

What you see coming out of the other end isn't the whole sweetcorn, it's just the outer 'skin' of the kernel.


luxemburgerli · 26/04/2013 18:49

Eh? I have never seen it coming out the other end! This calls for an inspection...


AlnwickRose · 26/04/2013 18:51

LadyBeagleEye What's wrong with butter?


ExitPursuedByABear · 26/04/2013 18:52

It even comes out of the dog looking intact. I refuse to believe it is just the skin.

But it is still a veg.


2tired2bewitty · 26/04/2013 18:53

So, does popcorn count then?


MortifiedAdams · 26/04/2013 18:54

It does count. But then I count Carrot Cake as one of my five every day


theoriginalandbestrookie · 26/04/2013 18:56

Am I missing something - why ever would it not count?

Oh and luxemburgerli, checking how long it takes sweetcorn to make it out to the ahem other end is a good way to see how effectively your bowels are working, should be through within 12 hrs I believe.


LadyBeagleEyes · 26/04/2013 19:01

It's unhealthy innit Exit?Grin
So doesn't the unhealthy butter cancel out the goodness?
Though I love butter, there's no substitute and I couldn't eat sweetcorn without it.


exoticfruits · 26/04/2013 19:12

Vitamin A, B3 and C and folic acid.


AmandinePoulain · 26/04/2013 19:13

2tired I've spent much time musing over that one myself Grin


trixymalixy · 26/04/2013 19:15

Phew, I've wondered this too. I think it's technically a grain?


thebody · 26/04/2013 19:19

Yes carrot cake and vodka( ok that's clearly not true but I like it)

We are a long time dead and on my gravestone I don't want it to say

' she had her 5 a day unless its wine'


ClaraOswald · 26/04/2013 19:20

It's a vegetable. It counts.


ClaraOswald · 26/04/2013 19:21

Although I am basing that on the fact it is sold from the veg section of the supermarket. Which proves nothing as JAffa cakes are sold with the biscuits Confused


yousankmybattleship · 26/04/2013 19:23

Of course it counts. Its a vegetable. Foam bananas on the other hand, not so much.


BlackholesAndRevelations · 26/04/2013 19:28

Sweetcorn is disgusting IMO. Even more so when ds's nappy is full of the evil stuff. I can see why you'd ask that question, op.


ChilliJo · 26/04/2013 19:35

Ok, so it seems as if I can count it. Good good.

So that brings me to my next question. Can you count it (and any other fruit/veg) you've lovingly prepared and served to your (ungrateful) little darlings if they don't actually eat any of it (the feckers)? I'm going for a definite yes on this one.

OP posts:

ChilliJo · 26/04/2013 19:35

(bracket fail)

OP posts:

theoriginalandbestrookie · 26/04/2013 19:43

Oh yes absolutely - if you have served them five fruit and veg during the course of the day then you have done your job as a parent ( I'd maybe give them a vitamin sweetie as well if they have rejected all of them)


SelfconfessedSpoonyFucker · 27/04/2013 06:36

I personally don't count it, I count it as a grain.

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