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Facebook selling/freebie groups

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MrsMangelFanciedPaulRobinson · 24/04/2013 23:25

I'm on a local selling/freebie page on fb. There are rules on there that state that the first person to reply to advertisements gets first refusal on the item.

I've recently been having a clearout and am getting rid of a lot of the DCs clothes. There have been quite a few 'selling pages' fb profiles joining the group lately and each time I advertise anything for free a selling page profile usually replies immediately and says they'll take the items, presumably to sell. Because of the rules I pretty much have to let them have it, or I will be thrown off the group.

I'm probably being mean spirited but I want it give things away to people that will be in need of them and can make use of them, not that will sell them. It's the only group for my area and has loads of members so I don't want to risk being chucked off, and it is useful if I sell things, however I wish I could have some choice as to who I give items to.

Aibu to feel like this?

OP posts:

NoSuchFairytale · 24/04/2013 23:36

You could ask people to inbox you first and then choose? Loads do it on my local one. They ask for inbox only as they don't get notifications. I find a lot of timewasters on my one, though.

I was also member of a freecycle group where every post was moderated by one person before it was shown. That person must have been having first pick of all decent stuff. Fresh messages coming up were always showing sold despite not being up before. Confused


MrsMangelFanciedPaulRobinson · 24/04/2013 23:40

I'd do the inbox thing but the group rules say that it must be the first person to reply on the thread unfortunately.

I think I'll look into local charities, such as refuges, to give clothes to in future as at least then I will know they go to someone that will make good use of them

OP posts:

PersonalClown · 24/04/2013 23:48

I thought this was going to be about me for a minute!
I've had this today. People whinging because they said 'oh so and so might like it' but never get back to me so I offer to the next person and they get all indignant over something I'm giving away.

I've decided that anything I won't/can't sell for a half decent amount (it's Toads stuff so I can't just say take it) will be going to a women's refuge. I've already contacted them about clothes and basic toys. They've said they will take anything in good condition for those with nothing.


MrTumblesTreasureMap · 25/04/2013 00:01

This is what put me off giving anything away. Most of it will be going to pregnant sister now but if it wasn't it would be going to a women's refuge. At least that way its going to someone who definitely needs it.


MrsMangelFanciedPaulRobinson · 25/04/2013 08:35

I'm going to make enquiries into local refuges and offer stuff to them in future I think. I know in theory the recipient is doing me a favour by collecting the stuff, but I'd still rather it went to someone who genuinely needed and could make use of it. Someone from the group had three bin bags of kids' clothing from me the other day, and I've noticed this morning they are now selling them on the group.

OP posts:

TheVDM · 25/04/2013 08:40

I would use Freecycle or Freegle as they send the messages out to members and then you can wait 24 hours (or how long you choose) then pick somebody that you feel deserves it.

On the other hand you will always get a few emails like 'ill have it pls i pck up tnite hun x' or the usual life story about how they are so deprived and desperate to sell it on.

The beauty is though you can pick who has it and ignore those who just go for everything.

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