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to be drinking wine and eating a take-out curry...

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Hiphopopotamus · 24/04/2013 19:37

...on a Wednesday night?!

Only half way through the week, but had a long crappy day at work, and I just needed them both. I feel like I'm doing something really wrong though - these kind of things are weekend treats!

OP posts:

GilmoursPillow · 24/04/2013 19:38

I drank beer and ate a take away curry tonight. Largely for that same reasons as you.



Yoghurty · 24/04/2013 19:39


If I could post photos on the thread, you'd see me with a large glass of cab sav and a Naga chicken!


kerala · 24/04/2013 19:41

YANBU having an avocado, salad and sparkling water. Have lost over a stone in the last 3 months and dropped a dress size and it feels GREAT!


honeytea · 24/04/2013 19:45

YABU but only because I want to be drinking wine and eating curry


Ragwort · 24/04/2013 19:47

YANBU - I was seriously tempted to do the same tonight (on the way home from my gym class Grin) but have postponed the treat until tomorrow night ! Still having a large glass of wine and some healthy crisps snacks though!


LaurieFairyCake · 24/04/2013 19:48

There is nothing nicer than mid week nautiness whether its a curry, a surprising piss up in the pub or cunnilingus with a handsome stranger.



squoosh · 24/04/2013 19:50

Put those three together LaurieFairyCake and you've got my ideal Wednesday night.


NotQuiteWithItAtAll · 24/04/2013 19:52

YABU, but only because I'm drinking wine and eating homemade curry Wink


ouryve · 24/04/2013 19:53

Midweek blues. Nowt wrong with a bit of comfort, once in a while.


SirBoobAlot · 24/04/2013 19:54

My only objection is that Yoghurty is eating Naga chicken Shock I work with chillies. That stuff is hardcore.

I'm doing carb free, and I just want chow mein now... Not a fucking salad.


Hooleywhipper · 24/04/2013 19:57

YANBU but I am very envious!


wigglesrock · 24/04/2013 20:03

I'm having a chow mein. My husband works shifts, Wednesday is frequently our Friday night Smile


Merlotmonster · 24/04/2013 20:06

I work in the city...its not been unheard of for me to have a beer and curry on a Monday lunchtime !!Blush...go girl...sounds like you need to chill x


DrinkFeckArseGirls · 24/04/2013 20:06

Yes, YABU, piss off. can't afford it myself; sour grapes


hufflebottom · 24/04/2013 20:09

yadnbu, can i come over....

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