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IANBU just wanted to share this!

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Bogeyface · 23/04/2013 23:24

So many posts along the lines of "AIBU to expect my DH to stick up for me with his mother" types that I really wanted to share what happened tonight.

I work in a pub that has rooms to let, its a lot posher than it sounds, think country pub with a cottage. A couple and an older lady came in to discuss a booking they had made for their wedding, they had taken exclusive use and needed to pay some money. The older lady was the brides MIL2B and boy could you tell! She was looking down her nose at me, the pub, the rooms, you name it. They sorted out the money with my boss and went into the lounge for a drink. I dont know what was said, but the bride came out for a fag looking a bit upset. Now as every good barmaid knows, you are invisible if you are careful so I quietly did a glass sweep and heard...

"......this sort of place"
"Well we like it, and if you EVER say anything like that to X again you will not be coming to our wedding"
"(shocked face) I am your mother! How could you....."
"And she will be my wife. We have made our decisions, if you dont like........"

Then the next table asked for another coffee and I didnt hear the rest. But I was thinking "YAY!!!! You tell her!" They left about half an hour later, the couple looking happy and the MIL2B looking like someone had just shit in her dinner :o

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CookieLady · 23/04/2013 23:29

Yay! Go hubby-to-be! Smile


tallwivglasses · 23/04/2013 23:31

A fine example. If your ex won't stand up for you, who will?


Bogeyface · 23/04/2013 23:32

It was extra nice because I have seen bitch MIL2bs reduce a bride to tears before now. ~One was at a special meal the night before the wedding (there is a v posh wedding venue just up the road, they tend to house the bridal party, we get the grooms party). From start to finish all the MIL2B did was slag off the wedding, the venue, the bride, the brides family (or lack of as she seemed to have a brother but no parents with her :( ) and the groom said......nothing. A big fat fuck all. I worked that shift with another woman and she almost had to be held back from having a go!

Hearing that tonight really made me smile! I just wish I could be there for the first baby :o

OP posts:

tallwivglasses · 23/04/2013 23:32

I meant H. D'oh. Time for bed. Grin


Doodledumdums · 23/04/2013 23:34


I wish my DH was a bit more like this with his interfering old trout mother when she starts going on at me.

The conversation actually reminds me somewhat of the response we got to our wedding venue, almost two years after the event she STILL insists on calling it a pub to wind me up! I guess it was a pub, in the 17th century, but now it is a lovely hotel. Besides, who cares if it was a pub, it wasn't her wedding!


AKissIsNotAContract · 23/04/2013 23:36

That's brilliant. I'm very proud of the way my H2B has stood up to his mother.


cornydash · 23/04/2013 23:38

ho ho - good for him

when I was a waitress in a hotel years ago, a couple came in for lunch with the young woman's parents.
I was handing them the menus and the young woman announced that she wanted something which wasn't on the menu


Bogeyface · 23/04/2013 23:52

MIL from hell can work both ways! We just dont see the Mother of the Bride thing because they tend to take over the big hotel up the road!

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