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to want my daughter to open her own presents

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shutitweirdo · 21/04/2013 12:50

Had a casual party (few friends over) for my daughter's 2nd birthday. There were 1 4yr old, 1 3yr old, 3 2 yrs olds and a 1 1/2 yr old. When we came to open her presents from the people there, my friend let her 1 1/2 year old open all my daughters presents and take them away from her so she couldn't have them. All she said was 'oh she's to young to know any better'. My son tried that a few weeks ago at another party and I was so embarassed that I took him out of the room straight away. I know she is young and doesn't know any better but surely her mum does.
Is it just me or does it not matter.

OP posts:

Rosesforrosie · 21/04/2013 12:50



BrianButterfield · 21/04/2013 12:52

Yanbu, and 1.5 is old enough to say no to, even if they don't get why.


DorisShutt · 21/04/2013 12:52


but try explaining that to my step-mother


ajandjjmum · 21/04/2013 12:53

I always hated present unwrapping at parties, and put all the presents to one side for the DC to open later. Can see it's not so straightforward when it's a small group, but think it was very rude of your friend.


HeySoulSister · 21/04/2013 12:53

how did she get to open them all....surely someone intervened after the first one?


Pozzled · 21/04/2013 12:54

Yanbu, but why didn't you step in? If that were me, I'd have removed the presents from the other child straight away. And if necessary, asked the other parent to hang on to her DC.


ZolaBuddleia · 21/04/2013 12:56

Urgh, we saw this at a party with an indulged child being allowed to blow the birthday candles out. It made the birthday girl howl with frustration, stupid parents.


SueDoku · 21/04/2013 12:57

my friend let her 1 1/2 year old open all my daughters presents and take them away from her so she couldn't have them. And what were you doing at the time? If you saw her child opening the first present, why didn't you take the others away from her..? Your poor daughter....


OrangeFootedScrubfowl · 21/04/2013 12:57



WhereYouLeftIt · 21/04/2013 12:57

" All she said was 'oh she's to young to know any better'."
And she'll never know any better if her mother doesn't teach her! I do hope you told off your friend, she needs it.


recall · 21/04/2013 12:58

This happened to us yesterday, my SIL invited herself round to ours following my DD's 6th birthday party, and let her brat DD open my DD's gifts. I thought it was fucking outrageous. When she finally intervened, the brat DD started whinging that it was "BORING" and got stroppy. As soon as we had finished opening the presents, and she had had a good rummage through them, and managed to get her Mum to open the best one and build it (lego) ?..they left.

I would never let my children do that, in fact, my DD's younger brother and sister sat patiently next to them watching with excitement, but not touching. Also, my kids were sort of pleased for her, and sensed it was her special moment.


shutitweirdo · 21/04/2013 13:07

I said rather too politely 'excuse me but it's dd presents not hers' wasn't really sure if I should've made a fuss or not. I definately didn't want to create a screaming match at the party. I am keeping all her other presents for her to open on her actual birthday so she will get to open them. Think I may need to toughen up and not worry too much about hurting others feelings.

OP posts:

DefiniteMaybe · 21/04/2013 13:10

This happened at my nephew's first birthday party. His nan passed his presents to her other granddaughter for her to open. I was gobsmacked.


mummytowillow · 21/04/2013 13:36

I hate it when parents allow that. My niece chucks a strop if she's not allowed to blow yhe candles out, so once birthday boy/girl has blown them out, they have to be lit again so she can do it!

I purposely said no at my DD party, ooh it didnt go down well Wink


fedupofnamechanging · 21/04/2013 14:01

This is your fault for letting her do it and not intervening. Pointless to complain on mn after the fact - you should have complained to your friend at the time!


NatashaBee · 21/04/2013 14:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

exoticfruits · 21/04/2013 14:17

You should just have taken them away at the time with a breezy 'sorry - for the birthday DD to open'.


exoticfruits · 21/04/2013 14:18

Be more assertive in future!


pigletmania · 21/04/2013 14:22

Yanbu yes in hindsight I would have taken all te presents away. If parents don't say no how are they going to learn

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