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To feel unfortunate?

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PasswordProtected · 20/04/2013 17:25

Earlier this week I had an e-mail telling me that my gas provider has gone bust, Thursday evening I had an e-mail telling me that my electricity provider has also gone into liquidation, yesterday evening I had another e-mail informing me that there is a strike on Monday & my flight may be cancelled. Just gone online and sure enough my flight & the next one on Monday morning have both been cancelled. To try and rebook you are supposed to check in, but as you can only check in 23 hours before the flight I won't be able to do that before tomorrow morning. The hotline is, of course, overrun with calls. I need to get at least a morning flight on Monday as I am going to work :-(
No idea what to do about the gas & electricity though. I had just paid the electricity for the whole year, or so I thought. I suppose I shall have to wait for them to send me snail mail.bIdiots.

OP posts:

LindyHemming · 20/04/2013 17:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoJo · 20/04/2013 21:59

YANBU - sounds crappy, and although I'm sure you'll get it sorted one way or another, it will probably involve a crap load of admin and buggering about which you could no doubt do without. Have a Wine and swear loudly - it might make you feel better and will help prevent you from swearing at the people you'll need to sweet talk in order to get things sorted...

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