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that Yr2 phonics grades shouldn't be on the back of scrap paper given to dd to draw on

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directoroflegacy · 19/04/2013 21:00

& so nosey parents like me can see who is at what level in the class!
When I went through dd's (Yr 2) book bag after school today there was the usual pictures drawn on scrap paper.
But on the back of one of them was a list of all the Year 2 Phonics groups with 'grades' (numbers) next to each name.
Yes I looked to see where dd was as and her friends looking at it, was in order of 'top' to 'bottom'.
But wibu to tell class teacher this shouldn't be used as scrap (dd said she got it from the scrap paper box), would it count as data protection?
dd was 9th btw (stealth boast)

OP posts:

HollyBerryBush · 19/04/2013 21:02

dd was 9th btw (stealth boast)

So 8 children achieved higher?

pisses on your stealth


SantanaLopez · 19/04/2013 21:03

It's a mistake more likely than not.

Data Protection is not about Year 2 phonics, I'm sorry but that me made burst out laughing, how ridiculous.


mrsjay · 19/04/2013 21:06

dd1 was always first in her phonics HA BEAT YOURS Grin of course it isnt data protection it was a scribble on a bit of paper placed in your dds bag to see if you would boast on the internet Grin


directoroflegacy · 19/04/2013 21:06

Yes, data protection is about more important things I know you are right Santana!!
Holly - dd is in bed practising Wink

OP posts:

DebsMorgan · 19/04/2013 21:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zipzap · 19/04/2013 22:05

I know Y2 phonics isn't important in the grand scheme of data protection things...

...but you would hope that they would shred anything with anybody's' names' on rather than put it into scrap for drawing on as it is indicative of how they treat their responsibilities under the dp act. And if you aren't used to routinely shredding things like this, then it makes it less likely that you are going to remember to shred the important things, like contact details when one of the parents doesn't want to be found by a violent ex or show medical details of one of the students that they didn't want shared with all and sundry.


HumphreyCobbler · 19/04/2013 22:08

I was a teacher and I would be horrified if this happened in my class. It is not on for information about children to be left around like this.

I know how many bits of paper go flying around classrooms, so I can see how it could happen, but really it is a breach of confidentiality.


christinarossetti · 19/04/2013 22:11

I would mention it to the teacher. It contains information about individual children and shouldn't be left around a classroom anymore than you'd expect lists of NC levels to be. Can completely see how it happens (my dd came home from nursery with a picture drawn on the back of staff meeting minutes) but the teacher needs to be a bit more mindful.


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 19/04/2013 22:23

I'd go nuts actually. It's very private.

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