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Endless sponsorship requests - enough!

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grants1000 · 17/04/2013 17:35

Every other person it seems wants sponsorship for something, Race 4 Life, 10k and 5k this and that - it's every day, Mum's at school, work colleagues, even my bloody neighbour across the street who I barely speak to wants ££.

You like to run, I get it, I got it ages ago. Good for you etc etc.

Why don't people get it? If I have not sponsored you by now, no amount of badgering will get me too, no more Facebooking, sob story emails etc etc etc. I don't have the cash. And don't say a pound here and there is all you need to do, because it is still too much when you add it all up.

Good for you, you are running to raise £ for X, Y and Z but don't drag me on your quest. I give £ to those charities that have affected me but I don't need to be sponsored for it or to tell everyone I do it. I don't get the need for the publicness of this type of thing? And why some people are so in your face about it like it is the law you have to give them £ because it's for charity.


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grants1000 · 17/04/2013 17:36

Why can't they just run in the park or hills and shut up about it?

OP posts:

fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 17/04/2013 17:36



AtYourCervix · 17/04/2013 17:40

Will you sponsor me to not run 5k? It's for a Very Good Cause.


CajaDeLaMemoria · 17/04/2013 17:42

Because if they ran in the park and the hills and shut up about it, the charities wouldn't make any money.

Are you pretending to be interested, or that you'll donate?

If you simply say you can't afford it, people won't ask again. There's no shame in it. Or say that you've already sponsored somebody.

The publicness is necessary because it works. It's mighty annoying, but it does help to raise awareness, and it does increase donations.


angelinterceptor · 17/04/2013 17:44

Pisses me off too.


MrsGrowbag · 17/04/2013 17:51

YANBU. My husband takes apt in charity runs (10k, not the marathon!) and never asks for sponsorship. Instead, he makes a donation to the charity, usually £50, on top of the entrance fees, in order to avoid having to ask for sponsorship. He does two or three a year. He would hate to ask for sponsorship.

I once did a charity event where you had to guarantee to raise a minimum of £200 in sponsorship, on top of the £50 it cost to participate. I did ask for money but found it highly embarrassing and never did another event. If i did, i would have paid the sponsorship money myself.

When DCs were at primary school I used to buy all the raffle tickets etc they came home with, didn't even try to flog them to grandparents. I was really Pissed off one year when the next door neighbours DCs came round trying to flog their ones to me!


DrGoogleWillSeeYouNow · 17/04/2013 17:56


The ones that really get on my tits are the skydiving, climbing Kilimanjaro, walking the Great Wall of China sponsorship requests... Pay for your own fucking 'experience of a lifetime', don't ask me to fund it.


Still18atheart · 17/04/2013 18:17


my dm last summer cycled from John o'groats to Land End. She didn't ask for sponsorship, because she was going to do it anyway and wanted to do it for the fun of it and that's it.

My df walked for a month in Spain and the amount of times people asked if he was doing if for charity, and he said no because he wanted to do it for fun and the charity bit would put on a certain amount of pressure which he just didn't want when he was walking 20K a day for 3 - 4 weeks.

We do support and donate to charities but not in the sponsorship way really.


Still18atheart · 17/04/2013 18:18

DrGoogle I'm totally with you I always feel that I'm donating towards there holiday not the charity with these


LAlady · 17/04/2013 18:21

I actually told someone the other day, that no I would not sponsor them (climbing a wall) as I had already sponsored someone else this week for the London marathon and for cycling around Brazil. All for good causes, I appreciate, but enough is enough. Going to be a lot more selective from now on.

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