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To expect my new landlord to deep clean the property before i move in..

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GoingUpInTheWorld · 16/04/2013 20:16

Dh and i have very recently been accepted for a property in the north west area for a 4 bed detached house for £1000 rent per month.

The landlord is currently living in the property but has bought another property which they will be moving into.

I ve had a letter today from my current letting agent stating a list of things they want cleaning before i get my deposit back. This is a standard letter which is sent to all their tenants. The list includes paintwork, skirting boards, bathrooms, any marks n walls, windows inside and out, window sills inside and out, garden mowing, oven deep cleaning and the exractor fan, cupboards wiped out etc.

Even if the letting agency had not sent me this letter, all the above would be done anyway as it would horrify me for someone to clean my muck etc.

Now i asked the new letting agency if the landlord was going to clean the property before i move in and clean out the kitchen cupboards etc.

He contacted the landlord and he got back to me saying that the landlord was not keen on giving the property a deep clean but will give it a once over and has said that when im in the property i can clean it till my hearts content!

Aibu to expect the LL to deep clean the property considering its not a cheap house and shes expecting me to clean her muck ?

OP posts:

wannabedomesticgoddess · 16/04/2013 20:19

Considering shes not a pig/cow/horse, you wouldnt be cleaning anyones "muck."



PrettyKitty1986 · 16/04/2013 20:23

Not 'deep-cleaning' doesn't mean it will be dirty.
I wouldn't even think to make sure I cleaned the outside of windows for instance before letting my property-and if that was the type of thing a new tenant was requesting I 'd tell them to go jump tbh!


Finola1step · 16/04/2013 20:24

YANBU. The property should be left in the condition in which you find it when you get the keys etc. Therefore, if they expect a deep clean when you leave, then there should be an equivalent deep clean before you arrive.

Letting agency should be arranging for cleaners to go in and do a professional job.


HollyBerryBush · 16/04/2013 20:24

I would expect any house I rented either out or moved into, to be clean to 'show home' standards.


YellowDinosaur · 16/04/2013 20:25

I think it's entirely reasonable that she doesn't deep clean it just as long as you have it in writing that you will not be expected to deep clean it when you vacate it and will only leave it in the same condition that it was given to you in.


PrettyKitty1986 · 16/04/2013 20:26

And also, I don't think the standard of cleanliness you should expect as a new tenant is remotely related to how high the rent is. I would expect the same in terms of cleanliness from a £400 pm rental as a £1000 pm rental tbh.


OHforDUCKScake · 16/04/2013 20:27

I leave my homes in perfectly clean conditions, I hate moving into new properties that are thick with dust where the TV has been and behind the sofa, crappy windows etc.


Clean til your hearts content? Clean their crap! He cheek!


Cantbelieveitsnotbutter · 16/04/2013 20:30

Took two days of scrubbing before moved in to clean my house (bought a new cooker the old one was so disgusting). Luckily on the report it was all down as dirty so when the day comes that's how it will be returned.


MisselthwaiteManor · 16/04/2013 20:31

Well considering they expect you to deep clean it when you leave then it should be given to you in that level of cleanliness too.


StuffezLaYoni · 16/04/2013 20:32

Wannabe - where I live muck is synonymous with dirt.


kelda · 16/04/2013 20:34



Sandie79 · 16/04/2013 20:35

It's definitely not standard to do so. I think if they include a clause saying it needs to be returned deep cleaned then yanbu to expect you get it in that condition, otherwise it just needs to be in an acceptable condition.

Out landlord told us he got their cleaner to give the place a special going over before we moved in. On the basis of the state the house was in, I hired a new cleaner! I think cleaning at the beginning and end of every rental is one just of the unique joys of renting, sorry.


GoingUpInTheWorld · 16/04/2013 20:35

The letting agency at the new house is different to the house i already live in.

OP posts:

ComposHat · 16/04/2013 20:37

You'd think so, but several places have been filthy when I've moved in.

They don't do any cleaning themselves, just rely on the previous occupant to do it. As a bonus, they get to sting them for the deposit for a 'deep clean' whatever the fuck that means ( they don't do it and pocket the money)

They tried that trick on us in the last flat, but changed their mind when we took the case to the deposit resolution service, when we produced photos of the filthy state it was in when we moved in. If you haven't taken pictures do so now and make sure the dirt and any damage is recorded on the inventory!

Never underestimate the depths a letting agency or landlord will sink to. Start with the opinion that they are bone idle money grabbing sharks who will try any trick going and you won't go far wrong.


apostropheuse · 16/04/2013 20:37

Maybe her idea of a "once over" is your idea of a "deep clean".
You've no idea of knowing how much she will actually do, have you?

Did the house look clean when you agreed to rent it?


SelfconfessedSpoonyFucker · 16/04/2013 20:38

take lots of pictures...


GoingUpInTheWorld · 16/04/2013 20:38

Im not sure what the new letting agency expect regarding how the house has to be left when we move out, but i will definatley find that out tomorrow

OP posts:

Toughasoldboots · 16/04/2013 20:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Toughasoldboots · 16/04/2013 20:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gutzgutz · 16/04/2013 20:49

I believe that legally, letting agents and landlords cannot hold deposit monies when any "muck" is fair wear and tear, so a few scuff marks would probably be included in this. However, if it's in the contract then you need to do it. Read the contract before you sign and get the clause struck out!


fluffyraggies · 16/04/2013 20:49

We're going through similar. The house we're about to sign up for states 'new carpets' in the lounge - but you can clearly see a lighter patch where the last tenant's rug was!


wannabedomesticgoddess · 16/04/2013 20:50

I do agree about the photos.

A LA once put food into the fridge and then claimed we had left it there. That constituted getting a deep clean apparently. Where I live deposits are not held in bonds.

I never got that deposit back. Hes a slimy bastard.


GoingUpInTheWorld · 16/04/2013 20:51

I dont want the LL to think im being awkward and get off on the wrong foot with them before i ve even moved in

OP posts:

WafflyVersatile · 16/04/2013 20:59

I think how it goes is this:

the letting agent tells you you need to clean the flat or lose part of your deposit.
you clean the flat to a reasonable standard.
the letting agent charge you for a deep clean as what you did wasn't good enough.
the letting agent don't deep clean the flat at all
the new tenants move in and clean the place before unpacking so they know it's clean because they cleaned it and they want it to be sparkling to begin with at least.
you move into your flat and clean it so you know it's clean because you cleaned it.

Also you can't really expect people to hand back properties exactly as they found it. Wear and tear is inevitable. It is (or should be) the landlord's responsibility to make good the property between tenants.


Jan49 · 16/04/2013 21:01

I wish letting agencies would insist that landlords pay for a house clean between lettings, regardless of what tenants do. I'd love to move in knowing it's all clean to start with and of course it's so much easier to clean an unfurnished house. At my current house I cleaned all the kitchen cupboards before unpacking but had to vacuum the floors after all the furniture and boxes were in. It didn't feel quite right until I'd managed to do every room.

If it's a standard contract, I don't see how they can insist you do a deep clean anyway, just a normal clean. Where does this idea of deep cleaning a house come from that people are always mentioning nowadays? I think it just used to be hospitals that did it and with good reasons as they are dealing with sick vulnerable people. People used to just clean their house. Or not.

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