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To chuck water on their cats?

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Softlysoftly · 14/04/2013 20:52

Next door neighbours cats I have discovered havebeen using our top bit of garden as a toilet.

I'd planned for that to be a swing/slide area for the 2 dds, had saved their Christmas money to buy toys for summer, now it is coated every step in shit. They aren't even burying it. I'm going to have to shovel it all out and it stinks.

I know they can't control their cats, we've tried lion stuff, , pepper, plants they are supposed to hate, blocking fence gaps and nothing has worked.

AIBU to lob a jug of water over them every time they venture shitwards until they stop coming in the garden?

OP posts:
thebody · 14/04/2013 21:26

Maitinthree, what a silly statement about 'cat people'.

Noone has disagreed with the op even the 'cat people' like me.

I also have a dd who adores her cat. She has helped her to get over a terrible trauma so the line 'whatever happens to their cats is their own fault' sounds cruel.

Water is fine but a kick is not for example.

CubanoHabana · 14/04/2013 21:26

Kicking anything, be it an animal or human is horrendous and will not necessarily 'not cause lasting damage'.

One of my cats ruptured her spleen when ex boyfriend someone kicked her, she was operated on and survived but only because I took her to vets when I realised something was wrong. According to him it wasn't a hard kick, just when he was sitting down to get her to leave him alone and I actually believed hi as he adored that cat and was devastated when I kicked him out and he couldn't see her...

So mateinthree you cannot assume that irreversible harm can not be done, they are only small after all...

mateinthree · 14/04/2013 21:27

I agree with others, a water pistol or a super soaker. Which is what i told my new neighbour when he put up a bird table, as my cats are serial killers.

Did you provide him with said super soaker? Or do you expect him to dip into his own pocket to protect his property from your hobby?

If cat owners were willing to fund all the preventative measures their neighbours required I wouldn't have such an issue with it, but the way the vast majority just expect the burden of dealing with the nuisance problem to fall on all the local non-cat owners just reeks of selfishness.

sebastianthesingingaubergine · 14/04/2013 21:30

Sorry Icing, it just made me giggle. If I mist-sprayed one of mine I would just get a "WTF?" Disdainful stare. Probably with one eyebrow raised....

RightsaidFreud · 14/04/2013 21:31

Mateinthree, you said you have a daughter, no doubt when she was baby she did her fair share of crying/screaming, did you provide your neighbours with earplugs?

mateinthree · 14/04/2013 21:31

Cubano, I said I did not endorse the kicking of cats, for exactly the reasons you state. "Not causing lasting damage" was simply a way of abbreviating a long list of things that are within reason for people dealing with nuisance cats to resort to.

LadyBeagleEyes · 14/04/2013 21:31

I was here five years before he moved in.
And the bird table was his hobby.
Don't worry, he's a lovely bloke, we both have dogs and often have a gossip over the fence with a fag.Grin
He likes my cats.

Sparklingbrook · 14/04/2013 21:32

Grin at 'hobby' and 'nuisance'. It's just having a pet AFAIK.

Sparklingbrook · 14/04/2013 21:32

We have a stock of Nerf Guns and Super Soakers that the neighbours are welcome to borrow, but funnily enough they haven't asked to.

mateinthree · 14/04/2013 21:33

Freud, no, but when my neighbours are old they'll be glad people like me had kids so that they can live off their pensions, an absence of cats however will not cause the collapse of society Smile

Theicingontop · 14/04/2013 21:35

Well there are alternatives to supersoakers that most if not all people have in their homes. Spray bottles, a bottle with a sportscap, a bloody watering can or a cup! Supersoakers aren't mandatory pieces of equipment.

And what do you propose that cat-owners do? Follow their pets around all day shooing them from peoples' cabbage patches? Cats (mostly) roam, it's a fact of life when living amongst other dwellings that you may at some time encounter a cat in your garden.

usualsuspect · 14/04/2013 21:38

mateinthree has been on a wind up all day.

Sparklingbrook · 14/04/2013 21:39

Oh. Not just cats then usual?

usualsuspect · 14/04/2013 21:40

Nah, not just cats,Sparkling.

DangerousBeanz · 14/04/2013 21:40

I'm a cat person and I wouldn't object at all, in fact if I were you I'd get the hose pipe out and fire that up the furry feckers arse. Your DC are much more important than the neighbours moggies and it won't do them any harm.
BTW I love my gingery git really.

Softlysoftly · 14/04/2013 21:48

Awesome will be supwrsoaking the buggers (not kicking them! )..

Shame really as dd1 did like seeing them, now she hisses at them, Blush

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 14/04/2013 21:50

Just get down to the cat rescue softly. It's kitten season. Smile

maddening · 14/04/2013 22:24

My mum made a spot in her own garden for her own cat - I think she put plants cats like there and the cat poos there now - maybe your neighbours could help by encouraging their cats to go in their garden? A two pronged attack with the supersoaker?

thebody · 14/04/2013 22:33

Mateinthree, I expect your neighbours pay taxes themselves for their old age and probably won't be relying on your kids.

twentythirteen · 14/04/2013 22:36

That isn't entirely a myth. We live in an area with lots of cats. We befriended one, we give it treats, it sprays our garden as if it belongs to him/her and none of the other cats use our garden anymore. Now and then there is a territorial dispute but so far "our" cat has one!

LST · 14/04/2013 22:49

My cats use a litter tray and still shit outside. My garden is the main target but I don't doubt they use other peoples. I wouldn't care if someone soaked my cat. In fact one of my comes home on a regular basis completely soaked... He obviously doesn't learn Grin

bluebump · 14/04/2013 22:53

We have the exact same problem, we previously had success with the sonic cat scarer things with another cat but this one has now done two shits in front of it so I need a new method.

Kleptronic · 14/04/2013 22:53

I gave my neighbourssupersoakers. My cat has a litter tray but is an antisocial bastard. Spray at will, YANBU.

KnightswhosayNi · 14/04/2013 22:54


HoHoHoNoYouDont · 14/04/2013 22:55

As a cat lover I would rather water be sprayed at my cat rather some suggestions I have read.

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