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Please help - DD again

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Flojobunny · 14/04/2013 18:44

Those who don't know she's been in and out of hospital like a yoyo all week. I've got a nasty sickness bug. I'm tired, emotional and scared.
She has low plateletts and low white blood count. More bloods were sent to the lab for further scrutiny and nothing significant showed up. I asked doc "does this rule out the nasty stuff like leukemia and cancer" she said no, but the good news is it doesn't rule them in. She then asked "does she bruise easily or have nose bleeds?" I said "No nose bleeds and as far as I know usual amount of bruises you'd expect on a 4 yo" she said that's a good sign.
Now my DD keeps having nose bleeds. So scared.
Rang hospital and they said since she's well in herself at the moment then leave it til morning and ring doc secretary.
I usually hold it together but now I can't stop crying.

OP posts:

jackstini · 14/04/2013 18:46

Don't know what to advise medically Flo but just wanted to give some unmumsnetty hand holding.

Crying might be a release you need.

Fingers crossed for seeing doc tomorrow


kinkyfuckery · 14/04/2013 18:48

Have everything crossed for you and her x


iusedtobefun2 · 14/04/2013 18:48

Oh flojo you must be so worried.
sending you a hug Flowers
hope your DD is OK


AnyoneforTurps · 14/04/2013 18:49

Sorry to hear this and totally understand how frightening it must be but just wanted to say that by far the commonest cause of low platelets & a low WCC in kids is an infection. Only a tiny, tiny number of kids with these blood results have anything more serious. Even quite a mild viral illness can temporarily sent blood results up the spout.

Hope your DD's better soon Smile.


Misknit · 14/04/2013 18:49

Thinking of you and your little one.


Hissy · 14/04/2013 18:51

Another hug and hand holding from me. Fingers and everything else crossed for you all!


chartreuse · 14/04/2013 18:55

Ds2 had low platelets when he was little, he had a lot of unexplained bruises. It was easily fixed with a platelet transfusion and has never reoccured. It's relatively common after a viral infection (he had a cold the previous week). Fingers crossed for you.


LagomOchLyckaSwede · 14/04/2013 19:01

Crossing fingers for you, and thinking of you and your dd.


Flojobunny · 14/04/2013 19:03

That's reassuring to know. Thankyou.
But I missed the bits where she's been having seizures and was unable to walk and talk for 10 hours. But I'm more focused on the bloods and what it might mean.

OP posts:

comedycentral · 14/04/2013 19:22

A big hand hold from me xx Get well soon little one


Flojobunny · 14/04/2013 19:29


OP posts:

StanleyLambchop · 14/04/2013 19:32

The seizures could be caused by a virus, my DD had two virus related seizures when she was about three. The virus took ages to go, but she has been fine since. Wishing you all the best, hope tomorrow brings better news!


DeskPlanner · 14/04/2013 19:37

Hope she's ok. Thanks


TarkaTheOtter · 14/04/2013 21:14

I didn't walk for 24hrs when I was little because of a virus so doesn't rule that out.


Flojobunny · 14/04/2013 21:33

Thankyou, I'm sure she'll be fine. Just all got a bit much

OP posts:

MammaTJ · 14/04/2013 21:51

No advice, but more hand holding here.


pictish · 14/04/2013 21:54

Hand holding here too. xxxxx


quoteunquote · 14/04/2013 21:55

xxxxx take care.


MarianForrester · 14/04/2013 22:04

Sounds like a horrible time,and things always seem so much worse when you are ill too! Keep hydrated (Dioralyte?) and try to get a bit of kip. Hope things better tomorrow


Flojobunny · 14/04/2013 22:41

Thankyou so much. It's always good to know I'm not alone.

OP posts:

Worriedmumofan8yearoldgirl · 14/04/2013 22:44

Extending a hand xx


ilikemysleep · 14/04/2013 22:46

My cousin was actually told her then 4 year old DS had leukaemia, because his blood count was so abnormal, she had to get him out of school and rush him into children's oncology. Where upon further testing it turned out to be coeliac disease (gluten allergy). Obv it may be very different for your DD but I wanted to reassure you that even very poorly kids who look to have very serious situations, sometimes it turns out to be much less scary. I hope your DD has a simple and easily treatable reason for being so poorly. Best of luck.


Cherriesarelovely · 14/04/2013 23:20

How scarey and horrible for you. I am sending you a massive hug, I would be worried sick too. I have everything crossed for your little girl. I did have a friend whose Dd had similar symptoms and she DID end up having a virus. I hope it is that xx


Flojobunny · 15/04/2013 11:24

Ilikemysleep how awful, must have been such a relief. Coeliac disease would have been horrible enough but I guess after think he had leukemia then it came as good news.
We are back at the gp at 3pm to see what the options are regarding getting a second opinion or even going private if I have to, but I shouldn't have to Sad

OP posts:

bamboostalks · 15/04/2013 11:26

Google ITP as a friend's dd was recently diagnosed with this.

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