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to get pissed off when parents let their kids pick flowers?

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fuzzypicklehead · 12/04/2013 19:11

A mum I know posted a photo of her DC (aged 6) clutching a big bunch of daffodils, captioned "look what DC picked for me at the park! Isn't that sweet?" Sure it's great that he wanted to give his mum flowers, but pulling them out of a public flower bed?

Similar situation with another child when leaving the school grounds just before Easter--she asked her mum if she could pick a daffodil and was told yes. Cue my kids in a sulk the whole way home because I wouldn't let them pluck flowers too.

AIBU to think that flowers in public places are for everyone to enjoy and not for a few selfish people to nab for themselves? Perhaps your child is only picking a few, but if every child who walks by grabs a couple of flowers then they'll be finished by the end of the day. If you want fresh flowers , go and buy them. If your kids want to pull them up, then grow your own bastard flowers so your kids can pull their bloody heads off. Or maybe just tell your PFB "no, you can't pick those flowers because they don't belong to you."

It's been a long day. Need Brew
OP posts:

Chottie · 12/04/2013 19:13

I agree, the flowers are there for everyone to enjoy :)


TheOneWithTheHair · 12/04/2013 19:14

YANBU. I saw similar the other day when I was in the park with ds2 who wanted to copy then sulked when I wouldn't let him.

I agree that it's selfish and they are for everyone to enjoy.


Sparklingbrook · 12/04/2013 19:14

I hope you commented accordingly. Sad


landofsoapandyoni · 12/04/2013 19:16

YANBU. They are for everyone to enjoy.

What did you comment on the photo?


Tiredmumno1 · 12/04/2013 19:16

That's really Sad

I love seeing all the flowers, especially the poppies when they are out, it's beautiful Smile


TimeIsACurrency · 12/04/2013 19:18

YANBU. Why can't they just let their DCs pick some daisies out of the grass?


SirChenjin · 12/04/2013 19:18

YANBU - I'm surprised that there are still people out there who are unaware that it's not allowed to pick flowers from public areas


HairyGrotter · 12/04/2013 19:19


DD loves flowers, she's allowed to smell them but she knows they are for everyone to enjoy so picking them is not OK.

I don't like seeing it at all


CarnivorousPanda · 12/04/2013 19:20

Completely agree with you

I still remember years ago, going to a bluebell wood in Kent. Met two women,? g'mother, mother with a small girl aged about 6 who was clutching a huge bunch of bluebells, She had picked so many, she was dropping them on the ground as she walked. They were already wilting. looking back I wish I had said something.

Ignorant, selfish behaviour.


snozzlemaid · 12/04/2013 19:20

I saw my next door neighbour picking daffodils in the park on Mother's Day. I couldn't believe the nerve of her. I mean how much is a bunch of daffs?


TheOneWithTheHair · 12/04/2013 19:22

A whole 95p round my way snozzlemaid. Grin


Chottie · 12/04/2013 19:24

50p a bunch down sarf!


fuzzypicklehead · 12/04/2013 19:29

I was too gutless to comment Blush so I came over here to swear about it instead Grin. Maybe when I've got rid of this headache and foul mood, I'll be able to muster up something constructive to say.

I get it that she was proud that her kid wanted to pick flowers for mummy, but like TimeIS said, wouldn't a daisy chain be sufficient?

OP posts:

Sparklingbrook · 12/04/2013 19:30

You could go for 'Hope the park has some left'.


GlitterySkulls · 12/04/2013 19:33

2 yr old DS picked me a few daffs the other day- difference was, they were ours from the garden.

no way would i allow him to pick ones from elsewhere- it's rude & selfish, imo.


fuzzypicklehead · 12/04/2013 19:33

Maybe "Aww, I love daffodils in the spring. At least, I did before your kid fucking picked them all!"

To harsh?

OP posts:

DeskPlanner · 12/04/2013 19:33

YANBU. This really makes me stabby. Flowers especially daffs dont last very long when picked, they should be left in the park for everyone to enjoy for weeks and weeks.


Sparklingbrook · 12/04/2013 19:35

Depends fuzzy. How much to you value you thieving friend? Grin


picnicbasketcase · 12/04/2013 19:36

I don't let mine pick anything in parks except daisies and dandelions. I'm quite cross that anyone would approve of children picking flowers in public places that have probably been paid for by everyone's council tax, they are for everyone to see not for a few people to take home for themselves. I would have to say something snarky I'm afraid.


fuzzypicklehead · 12/04/2013 19:44

I think she's completely oblivious to the idea that anyone might object. But if I made a negative comment about her PFB on her facebook, she might be inclined to kick my ass. And if she were so inclined, I reckon she could beat me up one-handed without breaking a sweat.

I like daffodils, but do I like them enough to be bludgeoned for them? If they were hydrangeas, maybe...

OP posts:

AllDirections · 12/04/2013 19:47

I have two friends who let their kids do that, one is a dad who has no respect for anything and the other is a mum who 'can't' stop her DD doing it. DD3 is never happy when I remind her not to even think about it. It wouldn't matter if I said anything to them because the dad doesn't care and the mum can't do anything about it apparently (and it's only a few flowers so it's not a problem is it Hmm )


PuffPants · 12/04/2013 19:48

It's theft. It boils my blood like little else.


MrsKoala · 12/04/2013 19:48

it's a pet hate. We see it round here on Mothers Day - loads of kids in the park with beaming mums and dads as their dc pick them lovely free flowers. They smile at me in a really proud way too - no comprehension of how selfish they are being.

I have even seen a mum let her ds pick flowers from a window box.

I do think some people genuinely have no idea they are planted specially and think they spring up from nowhere and are there for the picking. DH doesn't pick any, but still thinks all flowers are wild, he can't comprehend why anyone would spend time and money purposely planting them Confused


Squitten · 12/04/2013 19:48


Our local park isn't even properly funded by the council so all the planting is done by a local volunteer group. I'd go mad if my kids were pulling them all up again!


InkySkink · 12/04/2013 19:51

Perhaps just send her a privateessage with a link to this:
Saying you wouldn't want her DC to get in trouble with his future thieving efforts?

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