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to be finding Tom Cruise strangely attractive?

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freddiefrog · 07/04/2013 22:59

Am watching Rock Of Ages Blush

Knock some sense into me Grin

OP posts:
TimrousBeastie · 08/04/2013 22:21

i've never fancied him, but....

after watching rock of ages, i had a dream where he was the leader of a sort of cult I was in, and I totally adored him...however, we also lived in pods in high up trees.

currentbuns · 08/04/2013 22:29

If this picture of him prior to extensive dental work doesn't cure you, nothing will Smile

MagratOfStolat · 09/04/2013 09:07

YY to the whole Never Axl Rose thing. It's gotta be a sad sack of a man that changes his name to an anagram of Oral Sex.

Slash on the other hand.... oooooh!

ChasedByBees · 09/04/2013 09:13

There is help available ((((hugs ))))

LaQueen · 09/04/2013 09:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyTheCleaningLady · 09/04/2013 09:29

Okay. I watched RoA last night. I didn't find him attractive in the normal sense... That sway back thing is icky. He looked like the front half of a centaur.

But, I was very impressed with his acting and his singing (that was his own voice!) Once again, I found him compelling and it was unnerving.

To cleanse my mental palate before bed, I watched a stupid horror movie. Because I'd rather have nightmares about being eaten alive by giant sea lice than have sex dreams about Tom Cruise in a rhinestone cod piece.

KatyTheCleaningLady · 09/04/2013 09:32

When I waited on Slah, he was soooo pretty. He only tipped me a quarter (25 cents) but he apologised, said his manager wouldn't let him have pocket money, and said, looking deep into my eyes, "but I can give you so much more in heart and soul."

I was pretty fucking smitten.

DameDoom · 09/04/2013 11:24

I'd rather have nightmares about being eaten alive by giant sea lice than have sex dreams about Tom Cruise in a rhinestone cod piece.

KatyTCL you have made me spray my tea.Grin

JackieTheFart · 09/04/2013 12:30

He disturbs me. I like him a lot in some films (War of the World; Minority Report) but since watching him in Knight and Day I cannot watch him again.

He is creeeepy.

EldritchCleavage · 09/04/2013 12:40

Well, as others have said, the antidote is surely watching TC in the final scene of Tropic Thunder (or any scene in Cocktail. He is an annoying twunt throughout that film).

I too know someone who has met him and found him super polite and unassuming.

My BIL has met Bon Jovi (drool, rock fans) and said he was polite and quite good company.

NotTreadingGrapes · 09/04/2013 13:44

KatyTLC has just made me spit omelette over the keyboard, never mind tea. Grin

I just, for research purposes you understand, had to google and compare the photo linked to upthread of TC and that picture of Bruce Springsteen with his pubes poking out.

It pains me to say it, but the alien being has the edge at the moment, due to Bruce being too skinny on that pic.

MagratOfStolat · 09/04/2013 14:31

KatyTCL: I can't stop singing now lol!


5318008 · 09/04/2013 14:41


Can't see pics on my mobile, back later when I can see 'em on laptop

LaQueen · 09/04/2013 14:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyTheCleaningLady · 09/04/2013 15:01

I did enjoy his costumes.

But, I also have a weird thing for Kid Rock, with all the pimp fur coats and cowboy hats.

KatyTheCleaningLady · 09/04/2013 15:05

It's really fascinating, how he can have such a fantastic reputation for his dealings with the lumpen folk (I have only heard raves from anyone who has met or worked with him), but then have such a weird personal life.

Contrast him to Russell Crowe: that guy is a renowned asshole who treats people like shit. It's probably why he's not even more successful than he is. Aside from struggling with accents, he's acknowledged as a great actor. He should be on the same level as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, but he's not.

EldritchCleavage · 09/04/2013 15:22

Russell Crowe looks like an uncooked dumpling. I think that factor should not be overlooked.

And boasts about having a fight in a Knightsbridge restaurant. Do it in Harlesden dear, then I'll be impressed.

KatyTheCleaningLady · 09/04/2013 15:47

Kid Rock got into a brawl in a Waffle House, and I find that exciting.

I really do like some weird men. Sad

NotTreadingGrapes · 09/04/2013 16:10

Russell Crowe is made of mashed potato. Grin at uncooked dumpling....he is a nasty piece of work for sure. Little beady eyes - like the Pilsbury dough man on the adverts for anyone old enough to remember.

Sidge · 09/04/2013 16:20

See the thing about Tom Cruise is you know you shouldn't fancy him because he's just such a fucking weirdo - but you still do.

KatyTheCleaningLady · 09/04/2013 16:22


And that's maybe part of the fun. It's all so wrong.

EldritchCleavage · 09/04/2013 16:30

Disclaimer: I DO NOT fancy Tom Cruise. And never have.
My embarrassing 80s crush was Boris Becker, I'll have you know.

Sidge · 09/04/2013 16:50

He's like the Pot Noodle of the movie-crush world

freddiefrog · 09/04/2013 19:23

Grin. I like chicken & mushroom pot noodles too!

I'm excusing myself with the fact that as he looks nothing like Tom Cruise, it's not Tom Cruise I fancy but Stacee Jaxx

OP posts:
KatyTheCleaningLady · 09/04/2013 19:56

Not buying it, Freddie.

You want Tom Cruise to walk up to you, say "open your mouth" and then stick his tongue in there.

That's right. The guy who jumped up and down on Oprah's couch.

In your mouth.

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