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AIBU? want toy cleaning equipment that isn't fecking pink

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somewherewest · 07/04/2013 20:31

16mo old DS loves copying us at sweeping, hovering and wiping up. The toy hoover is his favourite thing at the toddler group by miles. So off I potter to the ELC website to look at toy hoovers, brushes blah blah. But yes...some of you will be ahead of me here...they're all sodding pink, and the children playing with them in the photographs are all girls. Seriously???? Do I actually have the only boy in the world who likes hovering (he is also obsessed by cars too by the way Grin)?

OP posts:
KirstyJC · 07/04/2013 21:03

I would save money on toys and just get him started on the real thing - DS3 can use a duster and the dustpan and brush (although is all falls out when he empties it into the bin) and he can put clothes in and take out of the washing machine. He also likes to do the dyson when you use the long handled bit to get in the edges of the room and puts things in the dishwasher.

(He's only just 2 as well - I have high hopes of him by the time he gets to school ageGrin)

breatheslowly · 07/04/2013 21:17

DD has this and this. Neither is pink.

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