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AIBU to wonder why the media is not mentioning the risk to pregnant women from measles?

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KirstyoffEastenders · 07/04/2013 16:17

I can't believe it's never mentioned on the news, every time I see a story about it I expect them to say it but they don't.

OP posts:

MissyMooandherBeaverofSteel · 07/04/2013 16:24

I'm not sure its the job of the news to mention every group of people who are more at risk than the general population. They would be there for ages going over all the age groups and health conditions who should be more careful. Its in the baby books that you get from the midwife and the information is freely available online anyway.


CajaDeLaMemoria · 07/04/2013 16:26

There's no reason to scaremonger. Pregnant women in the areas at risk will be told, and most people know about the link between pregnancy and measles anyway.

If they publicise it hugely, they will just worry people, and further drain limited resources.

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