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To Boycott C4 for commissioning new show from Frankie Boyle

23 replies

Thereitis · 19/07/2011 21:03

Jay Hunt has welcomed him back. Offensive. Disgusting attack on disabled son of Katie Price. Unfunny, shock comedian whose "attack the defenceless" schtick is ten years out of date. Enough already. I don't believe in censorship but equally if people actively don't watch the programme then broadcasters might get the message that this is irresponsible. Turn it off!

OP posts:
hairfullofsnakes · 19/07/2011 21:06

I used to like him but he has become really offensive and just plain sick in his 'jokes'

The best thing everyone can do is boycott his show - they will lose money and will learn eventually when advertisers run for the hills.

NormanTebbit · 19/07/2011 21:06

We have freedom of speech (sort of) sometimes you will be offended. But I won't bother tuning in because he just ain't funny.

thederkinsdame · 19/07/2011 21:08

The only thing Mr Boyle should get is a good lancing.

Signet2012 · 19/07/2011 21:09

They are bound to because plenty of people find him funny. He does not offend me with his jokes, although I do think he is tasteless and not particularly amusing, I prefer clever comedy, which his is not.

The easiest thing to do is just not watch it if you are offended.
Steve Hughes is much better, and actually does a really funny sketch about being offended!

mauricetinkler · 19/07/2011 21:10

I wasnt aware attacking the defenceless was 'in' ten years ago OP. Who was doing it then??

muffinflop · 19/07/2011 21:11

I used to like him until we saw him at Camp Bestival (the FAMILY version) and he was making jokes about Madaline Mccaan and Baby P - we, amongst a lot of others walked out. He's an ass

OldRedEyes · 19/07/2011 21:11

ok but i cant do boycotting on a weekday cos its come dine with me and four ina bed

i might manage saturday

kaid100 · 19/07/2011 21:11

I've already stopped watching Channel 4 because of their response to Ofcom's censure, and I'm not normally the sort to boycott anything.

Bunbaker · 19/07/2011 21:12

I won't boycott channel 4, but I shan't watch his show because he is offensive and unfunny. a truly talented comedian doesn't need to swear or make fun of other people's shortcomings to raise a laugh.

On programmes like Mock the Week it is always the cleanest jokes that get the biggest laughs.

thefirstMrsDeVere · 19/07/2011 21:15

I wont watch him.
He is a twat
He is not funny
He appears to be on the verge of some sort of breakdown.

mauricetinkler · 19/07/2011 21:16

Oh bollocks Bunbaker - the cleanest jokes dont alwasy get the biggest laughs on Mock the Week. You just made that up.

LostInTransmogrification · 19/07/2011 21:16

I'm surprised they had him back. I watched Tramadol Nights and thought he was trying really hard to make it his kamikaze exit from comedy. It was painful to watch.

Thereitis · 19/07/2011 21:29

I'm happy to agree with Bunbaker - Maurice. As for your earlier question:
Comedy which was designed to offend, shock and embarrass - rather than that which is designed to reveal at laugh at human foibles began to creep into the mainstream in the mid-nineties. As it was a creep it's hard to put a precise date on it. The practice of making the defenceless rather than the powerful the butt of jokes grew in popularity during the 90's (think of Michael Barrymore in the mainstream tv shows). It is the combination of the two that became popular among smug comedians - to my mind ten years ago or so. Boyle has just turned up the volume. He doesn't celebrate or poke fun at the human condition he tries to shock with underwhelming observations about the obvious. The adult equivalent of a child who uses a bad word and finds it funny.

C4 should be ashamed. Let Frankie Boyle play to an empty house.

OP posts:
CupcakesandTwunting · 19/07/2011 21:35

MrsDeVere is spot on.

He almost foams in glee when he knows he is being an offensive little prick. All is not well up top with that one. I like offensive humour. I don't like it when disabled kids are the butt of the joke/when it isnot witty or clever. Any old twat can get up on a stage and be vile about people who can't fight back.

BeardofZeus · 19/07/2011 21:52

There are big laughs on Mock the Week?

MsWeatherwax · 20/07/2011 12:15

He's horrid ( Also homophobic and transphobic. Don't understand AT ALL why broadcasters are still allowing him on.

VelveteenRabbit · 20/07/2011 12:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

filthyfunkproject · 20/07/2011 12:33

Yanbu if you feel that strongly - ( personally I'd just not watch his show - there's too much good stuff on C4 ) FB's entire 'act' is to be as controversial as he can be and to take things to the limit - C4 are clearly making money out of him which is why they've offered him a new deal.
Just don't watch him.

mayorquimby · 20/07/2011 12:46

If you don't like don't watch.

Insomnia11 · 20/07/2011 12:51

Just don't watch. I don't watch McIntyre or Bishop when they're on.

BadTasteFlump · 20/07/2011 12:58

YANBU but I wouldn't boycott Channel 4 - it's the only channel with anything decent on most nights. But I won't be watching Frankie Boyle. I think switching off for that programme rather than the whole channel will send a message loud and clear.

FreudianSlipper · 20/07/2011 13:09

he used to be funny not he tires to hard to be outragous and its nasty

i will not boycott as i do not believe comedy shoudl be censored, joan rivers was making jokes about 9/11 soon after it happened, it was funny (well i thought it was) but she is smart with her humour, he used to be but seems to have lost his way


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porcamiseria · 20/07/2011 13:26

just dont watch him, simple

but there are bigger fish to fry in the world no?

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