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To really not understand this woman?

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Sqee · 04/06/2011 13:35


I think the is so much more common than people think. It just seems like she loves her children for what they give her emotionally. I've always thought a mothers love should be unconditional. She is kidding herself if she honestly thinks there is no emotional scarring.

Very :(

OP posts:

blackeyedsusan · 04/06/2011 13:51

poor child. Sad

i suspect there is more to it...


NineteenForever · 04/06/2011 16:43

Felt similarly crap as a mother when my DS was small. Felt I'd failed in all sorts of areas. He was diagnosed with Autism at 3 and a half and i honestly rejected him, for a while. You can't judge till you've been there- some people have it instinctively with any of their children- I had to be led back some of the way. Like the woman concerned, my second experience was entirely different but DD is neurologically typical.


takethisonehereforastart · 04/06/2011 17:32

I can't understand her either. But I'm in the lucky position of not being in her place, struggling to cope with a child I can't understand or help.

I'd hope that if my LO had the issues her daughter has that I would cope better and respond differently, but I'm very glad we haven't had to find out.

I do agree with you OP that she may be kidding herself if she feels there are no lasting effects on her daughter. But I hope that now the family have a diagnosis and they are working to help her they continue to work with the family therapist and help Sophie work through any issues this rejection by her mother has caused.


opalinski · 04/06/2011 17:34

Doesnt surprise me, my mother has never liked me. Even as a child.


itisnearlysummer · 04/06/2011 19:16

"I love you because I'm you're mother. I can't help that. It's nature. But I don't like you. You've never been a likeable child"

I was quite young the first time I heard that. I'm now in my mid 30s and it's never changed.

It really bothers me. Really. It's affected my whole life. I don't really have any friends because I've always accepted that i'm just not 'likeable'.

I suggested that we went to see a family therapist to resolve it, but my mum isn't actually interested.

I suspect it isn't actually that unusual.

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