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The Elephant Man

4 replies

katvond · 02/06/2011 21:49

Just wanted to say what a wonderful, knowledgeable documentary it is.
I had only ever read books about.

OP posts:

wobblypig · 02/06/2011 21:54

Enjoying it myself. Shame they are following it with another cosmetic surgery show with people who know nothing about true disfigurement.


katvond · 02/06/2011 21:55

I thought that too. That I won't be watching.

OP posts:

katvond · 02/06/2011 22:03

What a remarkable young man he was too. I really enjoyed it, about time C4 did a good program

OP posts:

wobblypig · 02/06/2011 22:07

It was interesting that he felt the connection with all those with Proteus syndrome. The skeleton was amazing and watching the computer programme working out how he would work shows you amazingly adaptable humans can be.

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