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mattsmadmum · 02/06/2011 12:05

advice needed please. Have know another mum since babygroup-oldest kids now 7. But whilst i always invite her round and her kids to out parties she never invites us-i even paid for her other kids to gain entrance to a play centre and the thanks i got was to be the only mum whos kid didnt get invited to her ds party. she often invites herself her kids and animals to ours and stays for hours eating and drinking. she also v often says she will come over but doesnt turn up then says it was cold/she was busy ect but doesnt text to say so. recently we had a party but didnt invite her kids. all of a sudden she was all over me. she was also v funny when she found out i was pregnant,pulling a face and turning away. when dd was born she was the only one who didnt send a card or congrats. cant understand her if i pull back she is all over me,also avoids speaking when with her other friends-is she ashamed of us?

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pallymama · 02/06/2011 12:08

I'm sorry, I managed to get about three lines in, but this is making my head hurt.

From what I can gather you think your friend is taking the mick? Either talk to her, or stop paying for her and inviting her round. HTH


GeekCool · 02/06/2011 12:08

No she isn't ashamed, she is taking advantage of your overly generous nature. You need to stop and you need to stop being so bothered about what she thinks.
Anyone who could treat a friend like that isn't worth much imho.


brokenarrow · 02/06/2011 12:24

You don't have to be polite / kind / generous to people who are not the same to you, you know.
She must have a little entertainment value otherwise I doubt you would have put up with her generally incredibly rude behaviour, but in the long run, surely she is a very depleting person? She sounds exhausting and not worth the effort.


mattsmadmum · 02/06/2011 12:43

shes is good to talk to-lost dh suddenly/had loads of problems. i am a very generous person and the kids are friends-just family and other friend think its odd she never invites us over

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