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refusing to eat with my husband until he sorts his table manners out

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breathing · 02/06/2011 09:35

Its got so bad its horrible to witness. Even my teenage dss comments and hates eating with his Dad. He burps, farts wolfs his meal down in double quick time, takes one bite and then looks fertively at the pan to see if there will be seconds, leaves mess on his chin while scooping food into his gob and makes a num num num growling kind of n noise while chewing/breathing out. Its disgusting and getting worse.

OP posts:

allosaurusrex · 02/06/2011 09:41

Erm, presumably his eating habits haven't changed recently, you've managed to get as far as marrying him. Forgive me if I assume he's doing something else that's pissing you off and this is what you're picking on?

Does sound pretty disgusting but why now?


confuseddotcodotuk · 02/06/2011 09:53

My Mum and Grandad do similar. I can't sit near either of them whilst they eat because it makes me feel sick, they both also eat with mouths open and speak to me with their mouths full and spit out food as they talk, and make nasty sounds with the food in their mouth as it moves around

So I do sympathise a lot!

YANBU. It is disgusting. However he is your husband, surely this isn't a recent change like allo said?!

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