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Lawn turds anyone?

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Pearlyjangles · 01/06/2011 23:14

We had a lovely BBQ a few weeks ago with some friends and their kids, we played croquet, had a few drinks, nice food etc.. Then after dinner one of the so said friends kids pulled his trousers down and with no warning shat bang in the middle of my lawn right next to the croquet set. He then proceeded to pull up zip up and carry on as if nothing happened. Friend advised child to go and wipe skid marked arse and that was that. Anyway the dog actually ate the deposit so friend didn't get a chance to pick up the turd but.....

AIBU to assume that if I invite some friends round and their 9 yo shits on my lawn and neither of the parents pick it up and then to top it says nothing all evening about the event even though the dog ate it?

OP posts:

SarahStratton · 01/06/2011 23:19

Are you quite sure it was their DS and not some random bull? Hmm


NulliusInVerba · 01/06/2011 23:20

Is this for real? A nine year old? Has he got some sort of issues?


squeakytoy · 01/06/2011 23:23

why did nobody do anything? why did they allow the dog to eat it?????


Pearlyjangles · 01/06/2011 23:24

Yes it's real, obviously there is more to tell but you get the gist of it. And no random bull no. Their DS seems well balanced and normally very well behaved. Did wonder if he had been in the kitchen trying the winebox contents.

Too embarrassed to bring the subject up with friend again.

OP posts:

Sqee · 01/06/2011 23:26

Maybe he fertilizes their lawn at home?

DirtyMartini · 01/06/2011 23:27

How come you decided to post about it here a few weeks after the event?


Thingumy · 01/06/2011 23:30

Nice friends you have there OP


turdCroquet anyone?


Pearlyjangles · 01/06/2011 23:32

New to this and said event happened before I signed up. I can see that the way in which I have written the event may sound un-plausable it is however what happened.

OP posts:

Thingumy · 01/06/2011 23:35

I hope the dog didn't lick your dc's face after his turd intake.

Hmming some more...


Orbinator · 01/06/2011 23:44

Ick. Not. Pleasant. I hope it was their dog and not yours? Hate the idea of that slobbering over the family for the rest of the night, licking at slippers/faces/hands...


Orbinator · 01/06/2011 23:46

I think you can safely say the kid didn't think much of croquet, anyway Grin


BooyHoo · 01/06/2011 23:50

that did not happen.


Pearlyjangles · 02/06/2011 00:13

In hindsight I see that this post looks like BS, it's actually not but I will get it removed.

OP posts:

Hedgerow7 · 02/06/2011 00:16

That is the funniest thing I have read here for ages. Thanks!

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