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AIBU to wonder whether my baby is blowing into rather than sucking on my breast?

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WidowWadman · 31/05/2011 22:13

I thought feeding should make them go smaller and softer, but they just seem to go bigger and harder. And it hurts. Dont remember it being that awful last time.

I feel like I'm starring in a Russ Meyer snuff movie.

OP posts:

moonstorm · 31/05/2011 22:51

Is s/he draining it properly? Could it be a blocked duct? Start of mastitis? Or they might just have dropped a feed, and your breasts need time to adjust..


DreamingOfABump · 31/05/2011 23:40

can u drop into a local feeding cafe for a chat with someone in the know?


WidowWadman · 01/06/2011 03:37

She's only 5 days old, so it's still about establishing it all. Have seen someone about it already on Monday, when milk first came in, and will go to a feeding group on thursday.

She's definitely not managing to drain either (nor do I even with a pump. Hand expressing gives no relief either)

I really really can't blame anyone who gives up at this point (am too stubborn myself yet), it's agony

OP posts:

HarrietJones · 01/06/2011 06:48

Is it your milk coming in? More sucking= more milk so it will be balancing out, should get better in a few days but look out for lumps/heat/fluey feeling which can indicate mastitis.


Tortoiseonthehalfshell · 01/06/2011 06:51

Ah, at five days old bigger and harder is utterly normal, as is the pain. The midwife/LC who came to see me after DD1's birth said she often suggests that new breastfeeders take paracemotol if they struggle with the swollen/achey feeling, it's super common.

Completely normal. Passes soon. Honestly.


WidowWadman · 01/06/2011 09:06

I know - I just need to moan about it. I also don't remember having had it that bad with my first child.

Thanks for your replies

OP posts:

missinglalaland · 01/06/2011 09:21

If baby can't drain the breast yet, what about pumping it out and storing it in the freezer for some later date?


Lister75 · 01/06/2011 09:22

Exactly the same as you, first time round it was so much easier. This time I was in agony for about 6 weeks but because baba was putting the weight on I didnt want to give up.
The turnaround came by talking to the health visitor. She gave me simple advice about the latch, positioning etc and now at 3 months old, it works. My saviour was hot baths with lavender oil. It really helped.


PinkSchmoo · 01/06/2011 09:23

Just look after your boobs - chances are if it doesn't feel right it's Not. Try nipple shields to give your boobs a chance to toughen up and look out for boob thrush too (it's agony). I'm cuulrrently feeding my 4 week old and it's grand but it was bloody awful for the first few weeks. Never considered giving up withDD but was do close this time.


PinkSchmoo · 01/06/2011 09:24

Bloody phone.


LotteryWinnersOnAcid · 01/06/2011 09:30

Neither of you are managing to drain? Ouch. Warm flannels and a bit of massage. See docs if they feel lumpy or go red, you don't want mastitis at this stage (or any!).


WidowWadman · 01/06/2011 09:58

Nope, neither the baby nor the pump manage to make a dent into it. My husband just walked in asking "Blimey, why have you tied footballs to your chest?"

To add insult to injury I woke in a puddle of milk this morning. Despite breast pads and everything. Will try the flannels and hope it helps.

OP posts:

acebaby · 01/06/2011 10:10

Awwwwww congratulations! I had this problem and went to a bf councellor. They said not to pump as this will stimulate even more milk to be formed. If your baby is struggling to latch on because of engorgement, hand express a small amount onto a muslin before feeding. in time (for me about 6 weeks) the supply and demand thing will work itself out and your breasts will feel less full. The inflammation and swelling of your breasts (common when milk comes in) will also reduce. In tHe meantime, cabbage leaves and breast pads Im afraid.

Hope that helps. There are some fantastic and expert posters on the feeding board if you need more advice.


SardineQueen · 01/06/2011 10:23

What acebaby said Smile

They will settle down, promise.

Suggest sleeping on a towel or 2 for a while to save on washing sheets as well.


RedHeels · 01/06/2011 11:23

I was like a Dolly Parton for the first 2 weeks. I'd say it's normal on the 5th day. It suddenly went down overnight.


InvaderZim · 01/06/2011 15:54

Remember, it's mostly not milk causing all the swelling! (as far as I know... Someone back me up on this!)


TruthSweet · 01/06/2011 16:15

Widow - Invader Zim was right, it's not just milk causing the Dolly Parton-esque breasts at the moment.

This might help. It's a technique called reverse pressure softening and it's aim is to remove some of the excess fluid that fills breast tissue & can accompany engorgement so baby can latch on easier.

If you are really struggling to hand express/pump trying in the shower with the warm water running over your breasts can help or using flannels soaked in hot water on your breasts before trying.


Teenytiny · 01/06/2011 16:18

I was like that for first few months, was becase i had a lot of milk as DD was feeding a lot. so it could be that. it is normal in the early days.

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