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to think that if you tell me you are off sick you shouldn't post that you are out clubbing that evening?!

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kansasmum · 30/05/2011 19:39

you shouldn't post that you are out clubbing that evening?!
I have a small part-time job running a toddler group and I have an assistant. She frequently is off sick - at least once a month. Or she has to leave early for some pressing emergency (how many emergencies can she have?!)

Anyway she came to work last week clutching her stomach and saying she had diarrhea- we work with toddler she KNOWS she can't be there- I immediately sent her home. I texted her Thurs eve to see if the "diarrhea" had stopped - she said her stomach was bad so told her she couldn't come in on Friday- later Friday eve she is talking on FB about her big weekend out coming up??
Hmmm me thinks a little talk is in order!

OP posts:

tribpot · 30/05/2011 19:42

This happened at my work too, and the person's boss was such a spineless git that he let her get away with it. It's a disciplinary offence according to our absence policy (and human decency, let's be honest!).


tallulahxhunny · 30/05/2011 19:44

sometimes diahorrea lasts just 24 hours, sometimes even just couple of hours, :shrugs


thenightsky · 30/05/2011 19:46

I work with someone like that. I have dropped hints to bosses that they should look at FB from time to time Grin After all, I have to pick up the work in her absence.



LaurieFairyCake · 30/05/2011 19:47


Nightclubs don't have the same anti-diarrhoea policy ;)

She was perfectly entitled to go out Friday evening


alizee · 30/05/2011 19:49

I'm not saying she's not ill but i think she might be taking advantage of you. Perhaps she sees you as being a bit soft with the absence policy? Where i work we have very strict policies and whilst it might not be very easy at least you know the employees will not take a sick day whenever they like and "save" them for when they're actually ill.


Cymar · 30/05/2011 21:06

Depends what your policy regarding diarrhoea is. Does your policy state that staff have to wait 24 or 48 hrs after the last bout before returning to work?


kansasmum · 30/05/2011 21:15

We say 24 hrs from last episode of diarrhea. I inherited this assistant when I took this job on- I was told last week that when they checked her references it said that sickness had been a problem. I just feel she is taking the p* a bit.

If she didn't take so many sick days then I wouldn't be suspicious or have an issue but she only works 2 days a week (same as me) but never manages to work a complete month.

OP posts:

baboos · 30/05/2011 21:24

Surely if her attendance is that bad, she would be falling into the absence procedure by now and why was she taken on with a known absence was an issue.

you need to start looking at absence patterns, and start getting tough with her if things don't improve..........


stoppinchingthedummy · 30/05/2011 21:29

Just to let you know Diarrhoea - Is A Really Runny Heap Of Enormous Amounts ..this is how i was taught to spell it :D

And no yanbu it is annoying having a member of staff who frequently takes time off but is well enough to go out!! I would be giving her a warning!!


WhoAteMySnickers · 30/05/2011 21:32

Start with disciplinary proceedings and do it every time until you can sack her.


kansasmum · 30/05/2011 21:36

You'd think I would know how to spell it- I'm a nurse!! I blame 5 years in the USA for my spelling error!!

Having posted this question I can see I have been too easy going - so will definitely be talking to her about absences and sickness.

OP posts:

Groovee · 30/05/2011 21:40

We use Desperate In A Rush Run Hurry Or Else Accident to spell it

In the private nursery I worked in before dd 2 girls were disciplined for not being well enough to cope with a days work during the day but happily went to their bar jobs at night.


microserf · 30/05/2011 22:40

depends on her sickness record, but tbh, she is starting to sound a candidate for a disciplinary. it sounds like she is taking the piss with her emergencies in particular - as I understand it, it's a part time job?


FabbyChic · 30/05/2011 22:48

I'd sack her, there are far more deserving people out there looking for work.


Pandemoniaa · 31/05/2011 00:56

I'm assuming you have sickness policies and if so, you need to follow them. Most organisations take careful note of people who are never quite ill enough to need any sort of medical certificate yet never quite well enough to maintain an acceptable attendance record. It sounds as if your assistant falls into this category so you really need to warn her that it may be necessary to take things further and apply whatever measures are set down in your policy statements. If you don't have a defined policy then you need to develop one!

However, since you were the person who told her she wasn't to come to work on Friday, I don't think you can accuse her of swinging the lead by going clubbing in the evening. In fairness, she might have felt perfectly well by then but in any case, the state of her stomach wouldn't preclude her admission to a club in the same way as it can prevent her attendance at work.


kennypowers · 31/05/2011 07:34

Why didn't you comment on her post? 'Happy to see you have recovered from your diarrhea - looking forward to our return to work meeting next week.'

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