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To ask what a 'Troll' actually is/does?

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JazzAnnNonMouse · 30/05/2011 14:49

I see this posted quite a lot when someone has strong views on something that aren't the views of the majority, the poster then gets accused of being a troll.
I thought that a troll was someone who spammed things everywhere not a poster who doesn't post that much...
am I going to be called a troll now? I'm not honest but I can't do that list of things to prove I'm not like people do when they name change unless I do the obvious: greggs sausage rolls, fruitshoot, nice ham (this is what I've picked up in around 5 months)

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Primalscream · 30/05/2011 17:49

Tbh I take no notice of trolls ( they always seem so obvious to me - threads about dodgy sex etc) I've never really been bothered by them - but I run a mile from some of the 'regulars'.

manicbmc · 30/05/2011 17:52

I think they should trip trap back under their bridges and wait for the goats to come along. Grin

JazzAnnNonMouse · 30/05/2011 18:03

maybe I just have no idea yet of what to expect from mn... I don't think I could spot a troll even with dodgy sex threads because some of the sex threads are started by regulars...confused!

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Primalscream · 30/05/2011 18:10

Don't believe a word anyone says and you'll be fine.

JazzAnnNonMouse · 30/05/2011 18:14


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