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To think there is nothing more boring than...

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coastgirl · 29/05/2011 22:17

...watching crap telly with the ILs? DH suddenly develops a fondness for any old shit he wouldn't watch normally (probably to cover up the fact there is no conversation) and I just want to poke my eyes out. Have used the "7 months pregnant" excuse to justify going upstairs to read. Seriously though, watching tv you hate in company is just hellish. They should use it as a form of a legitimate torture. Garbage prattling on and on non-stop... ARGH!

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hiddenhome · 29/05/2011 22:20

It's better than having no telly at all and having to go to a really hard bed at 8pm and reading 1960s childrens books to try and get off to sleep, which is how I used to spend my visits Hmm


FunnysInTheGarden · 29/05/2011 22:20

YANBU. I have to watch back to back Xfactor when with the IL's. I want to end it all there and then. I never watch shite telly of a sat night.


Fernie3 · 29/05/2011 22:20

Oh god I once spent two weeks watching evening tv with MIL. I love mil but I never really watch tv when she's not here - I realised why in those two weeks. Dh pissed off upstairs to "work" Hmm.


coastgirl · 29/05/2011 22:25

I think I would happily take the 1960s books, but I have a bIt of Enid Blyton love! I'm not being hypocritical about tv habits either, I just worked out I have watched 3 hours of tv this week before tonight. However ILs are not discerning viewers - we once caught them watching the film "Junior" in the middle of the afternoon, and not even because it happened to be on - they'd actually recorded it specially! This was this year!

OP posts:

Vallhala · 29/05/2011 22:25

YABU! With the In Laws?

I get that at home, thanks to my dear 14 yo telly addict!

Seriously, it's ever so rude to have the television on when you have company. How awkward for you.

I hope you'll be home soon!


coastgirl · 29/05/2011 22:30

They're at our house! But the prospect of sitting in the living room with no TV on is unthinkable for them. I honestly don't think I've ever seen them in front of a tv that wasn't switched on, apart from when they first came to stay, got up early, and I came down to find them sitting on the sofa, eating their breakfast (we have TWO tables to eat at), staring with bereft facial expressions at a telly they couldn't work out how to switch on Grin

OP posts:

AnyFucker · 29/05/2011 22:31

oh, I can sooooo identify with this one Grin

I feel your pain !


FunnysInTheGarden · 29/05/2011 22:48

coastgirl am lolling at that. I can just image my IL's horror if they were faced with a telly they didn't know how to work. They have the telly on top volume all day, no matter whether anyone is watching. I go in and turn off said telly if they are not in the front room and they look Shock at me or perhaps Hmm for my snooty ways.......


coastgirl · 29/05/2011 22:53

FIL stayed here on his own for a few days helping DH with some DIY - I would be in the living room reading or MNing quite happily in silence, he'd walk in and immediately switch the tv on, leave the room, I'd switch the tv off, he'd come back in, switch it back was quite amusing really (and quite annoying, especially as he was watching cricket which may be the dullest thing ever invented).

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