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Stress-induced rant coming.....

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Loonytoonie · 29/05/2011 11:41

I've already had an extension on a project from University (doing a post grad) and time to do all this work is at a precious minimum (have 3 children). DH is a workaholic and I rely on my parents a lot to take the little one's. I remind myself that the last academic year has been a killer, but it'll be worth it in the end. Today, I had 3 hours booked in for DH to take the little one's off somewhere, leaving me to try and write this final project (I'm struggling - it's so hard Sad). DD5 has kicked off this morning, complaining that she won't wear her clothes, DH has kicked off in return and issued her with "If you don't wear them you don't come". Cue tantrum.

Guess who's upstairs now having a meltdown - tears - sadness - back to meltdown whilst DH has driven off whistling merrily. I'm sat at the desk with mounting pressure, stressed out and feeling my normally low-blood pressure creeping up and up. Can't cope with this. Another late night for me. Angry

Rant over. sigh

OP posts:

SunshineisSorry · 29/05/2011 11:48

you really are stressed - youve posted this thread 3 times!!

Your DH is being a prick, being a parent sometimes involves having to deal with tantrums its not just about doing the day out wthout any problems like a story book family, get on the phone to him, get DD ready and tell him to come back and get her, take her off FOR THE DAY so you can get your project sorted.

Oh and then get of mumsnet and get it done :)


Loonytoonie · 29/05/2011 11:52

3 times! Blimey - sorry Mumsnet. Am clearly feeling twitchy Confused.
Good idea to call DH, sometimes he takes the battle too far and forgets she's just 5. The clothes battle is a long standing one, so he'e sticking to his guns, but today, I just don't need it.

And yes, I'll get off Mumsnet [sheepish grin emoticon]. Good point there, SunshineisSorry.

OP posts:

Mollydollydoll · 29/05/2011 11:53

I said that on the other post. Bless you have a nice cuppa sit down and breath :)

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