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TO RAISE tonights major footie game. It should be a cracker.

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ScousyFogarty · 28/05/2011 17:19

I shall be watching. The wife is not keen; but she will a bit up for this one. She tells Giggsy prefers playing away. Yes. I suppose sex is more interesting than football to many people

OP posts:

CogitoErgoSometimes · 28/05/2011 17:22

Back on the meths eh Scousy?.....


backwardpossom · 28/05/2011 17:23

I'll be watching, but I suspect it'll be dull until the last 5 mins.


LadyThumb · 28/05/2011 18:01

It shouldn't be taking up a whole channel's Sat evening at all !!


SherlockHolmes · 28/05/2011 18:04

ITV on a Saturday night is rubbish anyway - I'd rather watch the football!


tallulahxhunny · 28/05/2011 20:10

its a PITA, OH sits next to the monitor and laptop screen is broken so i have to lean over him to see the monitor while listenign to him shouting at the telly and talking to me as if im interested in football Confused


backwardpossom · 28/05/2011 20:18

Haha, guess I was wrong then...


RitaBix · 28/05/2011 21:23

ha ha they are getting a pasteing
The big game this weekend is at Old Trafford tomorrow

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