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You know you've made it as a parent when...

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boilingpoint · 27/05/2011 13:46

Following on from my rather impressive You know your skint when.... thread i give you..

You know you've made it as a parent when...


When you can change a nappy, talk on the phone and control baby from eating poop with one hand...

You can successfully balance a weeks worth of shopping on a buggy without tipping it over..

You can hold child and fold buggy when getting on the bus..

OP posts:
LaurieFairyCake · 27/05/2011 21:42

Your foster child says after 3 years

"my mum is buggering difficult, why can't she just respect what I want, like you do"

All said with tears and "I Want to be here" vibes.

MrsJamin · 27/05/2011 21:44

When DS1 automatically asked "Please can I get down?" at the end of a meal at my parents'. He's only 3! Bless him.

thumbwitch · 27/05/2011 21:48

RockStock - nooooo don't tell me that! we're leaving at lunchtime on Tuesday next week! Actually I think we've done that before, but the last time we did it, I got altitude sickness over Australia (that was fun! Luckily DS slept through it) AND we were diverted to Melbourne, where we had to refuel because we were going to run out - we couldn't land at Sydney because of the violent storms and the washout that was the only runway that the A380 could land on. FInally got in around 11:20pm, 4 hours late. And having begged Canberra to break curfew on Sydney, or we'd have been back to Melbourne overnight!! It was fun...

LittleWhiteWolf · 27/05/2011 21:55

You know the exact moment when your almost 2 year old is planning on throwing her food and can remove the plate before she gets to it.
You manage to read "Where's Spot?" twenty times back to back without flinging the book across the room and having a meltdown.
You know all the best distraction techniques to get a wriggly toddler out of and into her nappies when all she wants to do is get back to her busy schedule of running around the house and shrieking.

And finally: your mum has spent the last 2 years telling friends, family members, strangers what a wonderful job you're doing

maybells · 27/05/2011 21:56

when u dnt have a tissue and u use ur hand 2 wipe ds nose then wipe it on ur clothes. when u get poo under ur finger nails. when the sloppiest snottiest kiss from my 18mnth old ds is the best kiss in the world

AgentZigzag · 27/05/2011 22:02

When you can convey 'Put your knees together DD1 you've got a dress on and you're showing your pants' while sitting at the back of a full assembly with just a hard stare and a couple of nods.

thumbwitch · 28/05/2011 10:44

Lonnie - your last bit made me laugh - reminded me of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, where Hobbes has got lost outside and his mum goes out looking for him (Hobbes is a stuffed tiger if you don't know the strip) and starts calling out his name!

Lonnie · 28/05/2011 11:33

Thumbwitch I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes as does DH and we used to read it obesesively before the kids and its so odd but Rara (her rabbit) Really IS Hobbes 100% alive in her mind and yes I remember the cartoon Hobbes tells Calvin he got bored and then mum tells calvin it was dad that found him hehe

TattyDevine · 28/05/2011 11:37

When you can completely tune out your DH's rant about his irritating client but can hear the biscuit tin being opened when you are upstairs with the tap running.

You've got 2 spare loaves in the freezer, 3 six-pint bottles of milk in the fridge, but you're clean out of wine.

Anythingwithagiraffeonit · 28/05/2011 13:16

When you are allowed to leave the hospital...

Hennothefirst · 28/05/2011 13:35

When child no.2 up-chucks her night feed all over DH's harpsichord and you put her down on the floor and leave her to yell while you clean the harpsichord. Then you make a cup of tea stick a nipple in baby's mouth and start again. And you never tell DH. Baby is now delightful, well-balanced young woman.

cherrypez · 28/05/2011 15:04

when your (moody teenage) dd's school reports contain the words "a pleasure to teach"

presario · 28/05/2011 15:17

When you can drive 360 miles with 4 kids in the car, all fighting, arguing, vomiting to visit relatives who have no young kids but feel because you moved it's your responsibility to keep in touch with the family. Arriving with a big smile that says we are glad to be here and don't mind driving 360 miles home again after 3 days. Oh and being grateful when they offer febreeze because the car stinks of puke.

To sit in a meeting discussing your special need kid, with the topic of conversation revolves around the 5 million things he can't do and make all at meeting proud for what he can do.

To face up to taking your child, to some university hall of residences, miles from home, and convince them they are going to love it, that sharing a kitchen, sleeping in a small basic room wih little home comforts is better than their own room at home with it's computer, xbox, telly, maid for making dinner, washing clothes.

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