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to think that this is daylight robbery?

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georgie22 · 26/05/2011 23:48

I've just been looking on the House of Fraser website and have seen 2 pairs of Hugo Boss socks in 6-12 month size for £20 reduced from £25. Is it me or is that mad? Has anyone actually spent that much on socks? I spend most of my time searching for my dd's (more modestly priced) socks so this just seems a huge waste of money. Bet you can get them for about £3 at TK Maxx.

OP posts:

FabbyChic · 26/05/2011 23:49

Some would spend that, some mad fucker would anyway.


Scholes34 · 26/05/2011 23:52

Obviously no-one does, hence the reason they're in the sale (and will no doubt come down in price a lot more). Or are there really some mad people out there?


LordOfTheFlies · 26/05/2011 23:54

I was looking for a belt for DS 11yo and went into BoysBase.
One was reduced to £45 !
No it wasn't mink and diamond, it was canvas webbing with leather trim.WTF!
Didn't buy it( who would) and I bet the little toad would have lost it!


Scholes34 · 26/05/2011 23:59

Lordoftheflies - I've tons of belts. Next put them on most of their trousers and charge a premium - except I only ever buy them in the sale. :o


georgie22 · 27/05/2011 00:01

Scholes - they're not actually in the sale just in their "2 day event" so they will be back to £25 on Saturday. Didn't hang around long to look at anything else; think I'd struggle to justify that bit of spending to dh!
LordOfTheFlies - WTF indeed!

OP posts:

Scholes34 · 27/05/2011 00:02

Just bought Jack Wills knickers at £12.50 as a very very special treat for my DD's birthday. A very very special treat indeed.


Scholes34 · 27/05/2011 00:03

Actually, that's almost as bad as the Hugo Boss socks.


Pictish · 27/05/2011 00:07

Oh do NOT get me started!


SoloIsAHotCougar · 27/05/2011 00:09

Scholes, YABU for buying second hand knickers at any price for your Dd, especially a boys second hand pair of knickers! Wink sorry! couldn't resist that one.
Seriously though, is that a pack of 7 pairs of never heard of him Jack Wills knickers, or one?


georgie22 · 27/05/2011 00:14

Scholes - I had to google Jack Wills knickers! Clearly not cool! I don't think they're too excessive really and it is a very very special treat!!

OP posts:

SoloIsAHotCougar · 27/05/2011 01:16


SoloIsAHotCougar · 27/05/2011 01:18

Shock Hope they are very long life knickers like my C&A knickers Wink


madhattershouse · 27/05/2011 01:21

solo OMG I found a pair of those in my drawer last year long have C+A been gone for ? They don't make em like they used to Grin


Sqee · 27/05/2011 01:48


madhattershouse · 27/05/2011 01:54

Blimey sqee I never knew! I can pretend they are not over 10 years old now Grin


SoloIsAHotCougar · 27/05/2011 01:55

Sqee, But not in the UK as far as I know!

Madhattershouse, I bought mine in 1999 Blush, I think it closed all it's branches in 2000. I miss the knickers from there. I've now had to throw a few pairs out, but I still have some that are still going strong if a little erm...discoloured :)


SoloIsAHotCougar · 27/05/2011 01:56

Shock Grin


Sqee · 27/05/2011 02:03

Or just sell your old ones on ebay!! Eww?


SoloIsAHotCougar · 27/05/2011 02:04

Huh! seems that C&A Calais, do not do the non sexy knickers that I love so much :( bummer!


LDNmummy · 27/05/2011 02:28

I miss C&A, I remember my fave knickers as a little girl were my Princess Jasmine one's from either there or BHS.

My big sis used to buy her clothes from their teenage range Clockhouse which would be very fashionable stuff now as it was 90's grunge but not overdone.

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