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TOMENTION Sport/business. LloydsTSB are running a "Sport for kids " week at end of june

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ScousyFogarty · 26/05/2011 12:41

I would like to know more about the plan from people who are INDEPENDENT
of LloydsTSB?

On sport, in my experience some children like doing it; and some dont see the point; and dont want to do it. (Why should not they have a say?)

Sport and sporting competition inevitably have upsides and downsides. (Can cause serious illness even amongst children)

SPORT excites some people as spectators who have no real wish to take part. (I suppose I am one such.) I am very interested in footie and crcket.

THE OLYMPICS , to which this scheme is attached, will invode all our homes eventually. (Like a royal wedding with more perspiration)
I will be taking it in (God willing) But it is not my religion

So whats the LloydsTSB angle all about Is it business? We all need to know if it effects children at school

OP posts:

LineRunner · 26/05/2011 17:26

I am independent of Lloyds TSB and I am afraid I haven't got a clue what you are on about, unless it is to garner posts for your employer (Lloyds TSB possibly?) about how wonderful this scheme is.

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