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To have probably failed all of my exams due to spending too much time on AIBU...

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WildImaginings · 26/05/2011 02:27

when I should have been revising?!
I can't seem to help myself! I know that I should be revising the ins and outs of the councils of the Church, but instead I find myself trawling through all of these threads. Which are not going to help me in a religion degree.. unless I wander onto one of the faith school threads Grin

I've only just plucked up the courage to join, partly cos I'm not actually a Mum Blush
But I can't help myself.. I seem to love it here!

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strawberrymewmew · 26/05/2011 02:35

I'm sure there are plenty of people on here who aren't yet parents. This site is just so damn irresistable! :o

I do think you should have spent more time on your studies though...


WildImaginings · 26/05/2011 02:38

That's probably very true Strawberry!
I did spend time on my studies but when things got difficult on the revising front it was just so easy to have a browse on here Blush

I really need to learn how to exercise some self restraint!

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strawberrymewmew · 26/05/2011 02:40

There's probably plenty of things I should have been doing when I've been spending all of my time on here. It's just so easy to get sucked in with so many funny threads.

I'm sure you will do fine on your exams. Good luck! :)


WildImaginings · 26/05/2011 02:46

Thanks! They're all done now, but hopefully I did ok Confused

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