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or is this asking for permanent thrush?

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duffybeatmetoit · 25/05/2011 23:27

Noticed someone in a communal changing room putting tights on followed by knickers on top. I can't imagine why you would want to do that unless a) your tights were constantly falling down or b) you were chanelling Superman. Am I missing something or can someone enlighten me as to why this would be a good idea?

[disclaimer: I don't usually spend my time looking at other women's underwear in changing rooms - honest Blush]

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TheProvincialLady · 26/05/2011 10:04


TheProvincialLady · 26/05/2011 10:05

I wear tights a lot, either opaques or woolly. I find them warmer and more comfortable than wearing trousers, and also my legs are bloody gorgeous so why would I want to hide them for the 340 days a year when it is too cold for bare legs?

MooMooFarm · 26/05/2011 10:08

Tights are grim full stop IMO. They are not only icky but also as I am v tall they make me walk like Pingu. I would rather have bare legs or at a push hold ups or those stocking type tights with no bum bit in (hmm there's probably a better name for them than that Grin)

RunnerHasbeen · 26/05/2011 10:18

Sometimes as the gym you just have to improvise, if you have forgotten to take a pair of knickers to change into and you don't really want to put your sweaty ones back on. You sort it out once you get home but I guess she weighed up the yucky-ness factor at the time and preferred a nylon barrier to soggy pants but then felt kind of naked without pants on at all.

However, everyone that knows someone that does this through choice, that is strange.

duffybeatmetoit · 26/05/2011 19:44

I had wondered whether it was a generational thing. Given that pre the invention of tights you would have put stockings + suspenders on first and then knickers, perhaps some people when they started wearing them automatically put them under rather than over knickers? Then if you were brought up by someone who did that you might follow suit?

Note to self - stop thinking about tights and get life Grin

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