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to think you shouldn't use the last slice of bread before checking if there is any more?

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deaconblue · 25/05/2011 07:58

Dh this morning finished the loaf before I'd had chance to make ds' packed lunch. He's in a right huff with me because I then had to tear down to the corner shop to buy more and made him 5 mins late for work.
p.s I don't eat bread and there was 1/2 a loaf when I made ds' sandwiches yesterday so I assumed there would be enough for today.

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deaconblue · 25/05/2011 16:22

I think dh must have used it for yesterday's sandwiches. I asked for his sandwich but it was peanut butter which ds hates. I know school dinners are a good idea and dd will have them when she goes to school but ds would starve, he's such a fussy eater (he has aspergers, food faddiness is quite common and pretty difficult to deal with although we are making some progress).

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