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To think 3:30 is a bit early for tea?

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DontCallMePeanut · 23/05/2011 23:21

DS (3) is in a nursery most weekday afternoons. Now, for some reason, when he joined the nursery, I never thought to ask what time meals were served. Now, he'll arrive at nursery at 1pm, usually having had his lunch at midday. I know they usually have a snack around about 2pm, from when I've dropped him off late on occassions.

Anyway, since he started, the keyworker has regularly commented that DS often doesn't eat much at tea time. I'd put this down to the fact DS was regularly served mash potato. He hates the stuff. It wasn't until today that I found out tea is in fact served at 3:45pm.

Am I alone in thinking this is a little too early? I've always done tea for around 5/6pm, My ex child-minder used to do it at 5pm. On the dot. Or is this standard for nurseries?

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alphabetti · 23/05/2011 23:29

When they say tea could it just be a snacky tea and not a proper cooked dinner meal? Just that at the day nursery I use they give kids a tea time small meal, such as cheese and crackers or sandwiches, but they do emphasise that a main meal should be given when the child gets home. I would guess this is what it is. On the days that my DD 5yrs goes to afterschool she never finishes her dinner (about 6ish) as she has eaten her snack at 3.45.


DontCallMePeanut · 23/05/2011 23:31

Nope, it's a proper cooked dinner, although I'm not sure on the portion sizes. The menu is available when I drop DS off.

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