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Are my nannyshare partner & I BU to expect to find a nanny for 3 boys when we don't live in an established 'Nappy Valley'?

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fencingmummy · 23/05/2011 20:07

We have an established nannyshare but unfortunately our lovely nanny is moving back home to the Midlands. We have 3 boys - two crawling babies and a toddler. We now cannot find, for love nor money, a new nanny for full time position at expected rates (we have also posted ads asking people for salary expectations). No one seems interested - and there was us naively thinking that there were people seeking work but obviously not in nannyland! Are we BU to expect anyone to be interested when we live in Crystal Palace, rather than the established Nappy Valleys like Clapham, East Dulwich, Putney etc? Are we really asking too much for someone to look after 3 boys?

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pingu2209 · 23/05/2011 21:21

You may need to consider child minders or to cast a wider net and employ agencies.

I can't get a nanny share either where I live and that is about 1 hour by train from London City.


redexpat · 23/05/2011 21:44

Is an Au pair an option?


fencingmummy · 23/05/2011 21:47

Haven't looked at au pairs as don't they usually look after older children??

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Mumcah · 23/05/2011 22:20

I had an Au Pair for my DD from 10 months old.
However I would want a nanny for 3 little ones.
I'm assuming you've tried agency's?

We use babysitters cos of our hours but it I know how stressful it is sorting out the childcare.


CharlieCoCo · 23/05/2011 22:40

im a nanny but looking for live in only.
what you are looking for isnt unreasonable at all. have you tried gumtree and nannyjob? both advertising and looking at the ads that nannies have put up? are you with any agencies?


fencingmummy · 23/05/2011 22:46

Agencies are our next bet but have heard quie a few horror stories from friends:(
Have tried,, and various local forums - full time nannies seem to be like fairy dust!

OP posts:

CharlieCoCo · 23/05/2011 23:13

i definately recommend gumtree and nannyjob, thats where me and my friends look. i understand wht you mean about agencies, as a nanny i also have some negatives but also plenty of positives and might be worth a shot. i would look into a few before signing though and find out how much it will cost you and how they expect you to pay, eg a lump some or a percent of your nanny's wage.


oldgreybird · 24/05/2011 16:04

When did you actually start looking for a new nanny? Most nannies do not start looking for a new job until a month or two before they want to start. If they are in a job then their employer will usually only give a nanny a month's notice so looking 3 months or more ahead is not necessarily going to produce much interest unless the nanny knows her job will be coming to an end or she's unhappy and wants to move or she is not currently in work.
Many nannies are forced to do two part time jobs to get 5 full days work so don't despair - I would contact any nanny who looks good and wants to work in your area even if she says she wants part time because she might feel it would be better in the long run to do one 5 day job rather than box and cox with two part time jobs.
A good nanny working for two families sharing on the same day would expect to get £11 to £12 net per hour on average in your area (and this is split between the families in whatever proportion the two families agree on)

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