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to be a little bit in love with Barak Obama?

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lettinggo · 23/05/2011 16:25

and to say that if I ever hear any stories about him straying I'll be devastated?

He's here in Ireland on a visit today and doing a walkabout in a small town called Moneygal (where one of his ancestors came from). He just pulled a little baby from the crowd and had a cuddle and I think I swooned.

After Queen Elizabeth's successful visit last week, the thoughts were that this visit might be a bit of an anticlimax but he and his wife are so warm, it's another total success. Great for Ireland to have something to celebrate!

OP posts:

LadyThumb · 23/05/2011 16:35

Well, he can 'stray' with me any time he likes!!


Finallyspring · 23/05/2011 16:39

If anybody tried to tell me he had strayed I would quickly put my fingers in my ears and go 'la la la I can't hear you ' until they stopped


eosmum · 23/05/2011 16:40

There is that something about him. But YABU if his appearance on college green stops me getting home at a decent hour. College green is at full capacity now BTW it's mad out there.


lettinggo · 23/05/2011 16:52

I saw that, eosmum. My ds is relieved cos I was going to drag him in. Ah well, I'll make him watch it on the telly.

OP posts:

OhYouBadBadKitten · 23/05/2011 17:02

He is rather lovely


stillstanding · 23/05/2011 17:03

Lovely indeed!


suburbophobe · 23/05/2011 19:26

Love Obama, but not in THAT! way!! LOL


yousankmybattleship · 23/05/2011 19:27

I love him too. He's lush!


handsomeharry · 23/05/2011 19:30

He is lovely -YANBU!


ObiWan · 23/05/2011 19:34

He 's an amazing orator. I really want to believe everything he says, the man is the embodiment of charisma.
I have no idea whether I agree with his politics or not, and am not usually so ridiculously shallow, but he does have a slightly dangerous appeal.


shortround · 23/05/2011 19:40

I think I would squish him!! He doesn't do it for me!


FreudianSlipper · 23/05/2011 19:44

i am madly in love with him in an intellectual and sexual way of course :o

i grin stupidly when he is on the tv no matter what he is talking about and my mind wonders


OhYouBadBadKitten · 23/05/2011 19:45

I reckon he would be fab to lead the world through an alien invasion.


mummissinghermind · 23/05/2011 19:50

Oh Mr President!! he is too cool for school and i love him!.


Punkatheart · 23/05/2011 20:19

He is beautiful, supernaturally calm, eloquent and dignified. Read his writings and you may love him even more. The man has an intellect, a heart, a soul.



TheOriginalFAB · 23/05/2011 20:20

I saw the baby cuddle too and his smile when he made his joke....


GingerWrath · 23/05/2011 20:22

I cannot remember a previous Pres with such a natural way to address the public...his speech tonight was full of relevant humour, he seems so personable. Michelle is a lucky lady and is very elegant!


SpeedyGonzalez · 23/05/2011 20:34

They are such a fab, cool couple, aren't they? And yes, BO (such unfortunate initials but, hey, the man would be too damn perfect otherwise Wink) is gorgeous and has a voice made of velvet.


canyou · 23/05/2011 20:34

Obama was great, pity his visit was cut short though, but what was Enda on his speech made him sound like an over enthusiastic under 12's GAA coach, what he said was mostly great but his delivery was unusual for him. But then I was only listening to it on radio so it is possible I was missing the big picture


elmofan · 23/05/2011 20:38

Dh pulled a sicky today to avoid townGrin
He seemed to really enjoy that pint of guinness didn't


DoubleNegativePanda · 23/05/2011 20:41



Browncoats · 24/05/2011 15:34

I'm so glad I found this thread!! I thought I was the only one who hero worships him! I'd be absolutely gutted if I discovered he'd cheated on his wife, genuinely gutted.

I saw his interview with Andrew Marr at the weekend, his trip to Ireland went brilliantly. When he lifted up that baby and gave it a cuddle I had a tear in my eye (in my defence I am pregnant).

Did anyone see him taking the piss out of Donald Trump (who I loathe)? Absolutely genius. Really shows how much of a sense of humour he has

If anyone doesn't know Donald Trump accused Obama of not being a real American and not having an American birth certificate. Trump was wanting to run for presidency and thought he could attack Obama to get it. Idiot.

Seriously, I've said it before in RL but do you think we could kidnap him to convince him he's actually British? Why can't we get politicians like him?


expatinscotland · 24/05/2011 15:35

I have a thing for tall, lean men like him. :o

I loved Michelle's dress today. Beautiful! The bolero was gorgeous, too.


mrsbunnthebaker · 24/05/2011 15:37

I dont think Michelle would let him stray

he is easier on the eye than George, thats for sure


JosieRosie · 24/05/2011 15:37

He is pretty lush and extremely charismatic and has a gorgeous voice and genuinely seems like a nice, thoughtful, sensitive guy.

Unlike Bill Clinton who everyone was wetting themselves over some years back when he did a smugathon visit to Ireland. Slime personified

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