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To think DH should think twice before engaging mouth sometimes

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allnewtaketwo · 22/05/2011 21:09

I have booked a much needed week off work this week to spend time on my own with DS. DS is usually in nursery 4 days a week and am really looking forward to the freedom of just doing our own thing this week.

DH was just on phone to FIL. FIL mentions coming down next weekend to see us all. DH says 'well allnew is off work all with with DS so you could come and go on a day out with them' [hmm. I turn round from the pc and look at DH and he then says to FIL 'allnew has just given me a dirty look so maybe that's not a good idea'

FFS - has social etiquette completely passed him by

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squeakytoy · 22/05/2011 21:10


That is exactly the sort of thing my beloved husband does..... all the sodding time!


MeRightYouWrongMeBigYouSmall · 22/05/2011 21:12

oh cringe!!!

I'd hate that! You can say what you want to DH but for him to repeat it to whoever he is speaking to is cringey to say the least.

Tact - that is what most men (IME) are lacking in.

Hope you are able to smooth it over....

Be gentle on DH Grin


allnewtaketwo · 22/05/2011 21:14

Yes cringe indeed. DH has no idea whatsoever what the problem is

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Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 22/05/2011 21:17

Thats nothing! My DP told me he would rather not marry me in a simple romantic ceremony with just us and the kids on his 40th birthday, He would rather just go to the pub!


allnewtaketwo · 22/05/2011 21:21

Shock saggy. I guess some people are just a bit too liberal with the truth! I don't know why I'm surprised - DH was bound to inherit something from MIL and she takes tactlessness to a whole new level Grin

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