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to wonder how the dragon and donkey in Shrek managed to have babies?

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activate · 22/05/2011 18:40

yes I know this is not the only factual inconsistency but it is the one that is choosing to run round my, clearly warped, mind this afternoon

OP posts:

Crevix · 22/05/2011 18:42

same as anyone else. magic innit.


worraliberty · 22/05/2011 18:43

It's not the first time an Old dragon's got up the duff by someone hung like a donkey I don't imagine Grin


Punkatheart · 22/05/2011 18:44

Carefully. Not to make an ass of himself, presumably.

Dragon lights a fire and donkey shows dragon exactly what famous asset donkeys are known for....

(Rolls on floor)


AuntieMonica · 22/05/2011 18:44

and the same way that Dave is Alvin and the Chipmunk's dad

and Stuart Little was adopted by a human family and no-one seemed to notice but the cat



tribpot · 22/05/2011 18:44

They love each other very much. Don't forget, Fiona is half-frog, half-human and still managed to have ogre babies.


SecretNutellaFix · 22/05/2011 18:47

well, if you look at it as though you are breeding a large breed dog with a small breed dog, it makes sense for the female to be the large breed as the offspring are going to be larger than typical for a smaller breed and could kill the lot of them. So if you were going to breed a st Bernard and a jack russell, it would, in theory and using a stepstool, be possible for the Male JR to impregnate the female SB.

However, many cross species matings have occurred- lion and tiger, donkey and horse, zebra and horse.



crashingwaves · 22/05/2011 18:48

OMG I'm so glad another weirdo has wondered! DS (4!) asked me the other day - my own fault for making a jokey remark about a German Shepherd who fell in love with my toy breed, haha!

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