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do you keep your peace regarding opinions at work?

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StuckinTheMiddlewithYou · 21/05/2011 08:26

I've recently moved teams at work and I like most of the people I'm working with.

However, I seem to be hearing alot of stuff I genuinely find offensive. For example; people "on the sick" are scroungers (like my DP??), the BNP are "on to something" and various other comments.

Some of it is just plain ignorant (you can get aids from being spat on???!!) and I'm quite shocked that supposedly educated people can come out with this sort of stuff.

So far, I've kept my peace for the sake of a civil working atmosphere.

Would you?

OP posts:

octopusinabox · 21/05/2011 08:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UrsulaBuffay · 21/05/2011 08:33

There is quite a lot of sexism on my team, I have to admit to keeping my head down.


CogitoErgoSometimes · 21/05/2011 08:33

If I was in the complete minority I might keep quiet but find another job. Otherwise, I'd definitely challenge them


BelleDameSansMerci · 21/05/2011 08:36

I wouldn't keep the peace, no.

My tendency with this stuff is to laugh and then say something "Oh my God, you're not serious are you..." or make comments like "HR violation number 108380" when faced with some of it.

If it's more serious, like racism/homophobia/sexism I will take them to task.


StuckinTheMiddlewithYou · 21/05/2011 08:40

It's a tough one this. I'm all for freedom of speech and I don't expect everybody to agree with me, but it depresses me listening to this garbage.

I think as I get older my ability to tolerate idiocy decreases.

OP posts:

ByTheSea · 21/05/2011 08:44

I would definitely say something in response to a positive comment about the BNP, and peacefully let it be known that I don't really agree with many comments but saying something like 'that is not always the case'. I think I am to the left of many of my colleagues and I also think they get that general impression. For the most part though, most don't say anything as bad as what your colleagues are saying.


StuckinTheMiddlewithYou · 21/05/2011 08:51

It's nice to hear that I'm not being a total loon over this! I've been wondering if this sort of things was normal.

Why can't people just be nice?

OP posts:

QuackQuackSqueak · 21/05/2011 09:04

I would probably say something. Maybe "are you fucking stupid? You think there are no genuine sick people?/You don't understand how AIDS is spread even though it's be all over the Media for years and years and years" etc whilst looking at them like they are really incredibly stupid. Then perhaps give them a printout with info about AIDS.

Hopefully if you point out how stupid they are EVERY time they might keep their mouths shut and you won't be forced to listen to the shit that comes out of them.


ninah · 21/05/2011 09:08

I had someone come round for drinks who thought you could catch 'Aids' from a toilet seat
I mean, seriously. Her sister was working with HIV patients in Africa, too.
I told her she was talking bollocks. I would speak up at work too, but it's depressing, I feel for you.

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