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I know IABU but need to moan...

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ManicAnnie · 20/05/2011 20:38

I have two children - ages 6 and 2 yrs. Next door neighbours have two children - ages 10 and 7 yrs.

I put my kids to bed at 7pm Mon-Fri and Sun, sometimes later on Sat. Since the weather has been warmer, their kids are playing out in the garden all evening - from about 4pm until 10-ish most nights.

I know I cannot dictate what time other people put their ids to bed, really I do. AndI am usually a very chilled out, live-and-let-live type of person.

But for the love of God, my head is done in with this. My kids can't sleep for all the screeching and laughing and shouting and general high jinks going on next door.

My DS is completely run down for lack of sleep over the past few weeks - he has dark circles under his eyes, mouth ulcers and his behaviour at school has deteriorated in the last fortnight. My DD is also constantly tired in the day as she isn't getting a proper sleep at night.

I like my neighbours and don't want to have to go round there and complain. But I am at my wit's end with it.

WWYD? AIBU? Would it be unreasonable if I said something to them?

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HumperdinkFangboner · 20/05/2011 20:42

Hmm tough one.

How friendly are you with them?


worraliberty · 20/05/2011 20:43

Well I make sure mine are indoors by 8pm so I'd say 10 is definitely unreasonable if they're making that much noise.

However, I've never known noisy summer evenings to affect anyone the way they've affected your child. Have you taken him to the Docs? Could it be down to something else?


ManicAnnie · 20/05/2011 20:43

We are friendly, but not close. Occasionally our kids play together in one of our gardens. We say hello and stop for a chat now and then, but we aren't ;friends' iyswim. I really like being friendly with my neighbours and do not want to make things awkward. But it is getting really hard...

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ManicAnnie · 20/05/2011 20:47

Worral, he has Asperger's Sybdrome so is quite a highly strung, sensitive type anyway. But he usually sleeps through normal levels of noise - traffic, talking voices, television, doors banging etc.

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DurhamDurham · 20/05/2011 20:53

It's a hard one because no matter how tactful you are it will cause bad feeling if you mention/moan about it. I too think that 10pm is late during the week, they must be shattered for school the next morning. I would just put up with it as hate to fall out with neighbours or friends.

Good Luck!!


JamieAgain · 20/05/2011 20:54

I also think 10 is too late in the week, and would be as frazzled as you. You can only ask, in as nice a way as possible


boysrock · 20/05/2011 21:01

I dont think you can ask them to keep the dc in but I would've thought a "do you mind asking the dc not to be so loud when playing in the evenings because..." said nicely would be ok?

I remember having to be quiet playing out due to neighbours and sunday mornings / late evenings.

Surely they wouldn't take offence at a polite request?


ManicAnnie · 20/05/2011 21:07

I think I'll leave it and see how things are next week. They are really nice people, good neighbours generally etc. Urgh. Hate these awkward situations!

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