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in thinking that nobody has any idea how to deal with Child Protection?

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Tortu · 20/05/2011 20:31

I started carrying out some research (before it got too depressing and I moved on to something else) into Child Protection guidelines in this country. Whilst my basic (very basic) comments are that I think they're very comprehensive and should, if followed, provide an excellent framework for safeguarding children, I have one major concern:

when asked, children are generally unable to define what they consider child abuse to be (not massively surprising, as it takes the govt. pages) and, more worryingly, are unable to say why it should be reported.

My research was carried out amongst secondary school children and was quite limited.

What are your thoughts? Should teachers actually be required to teach about this, and if so, how? Or should it just be left?

OP posts:

manicbmc · 20/05/2011 20:35

It should be discussed in schools. Most of us tell our kids what is right and appropriate and always to tell an adult if they are worried or frightened. But then if the parents are abusing they'd be unlikely to tell their kids and someone has to.


Sirzy · 20/05/2011 20:36

"Child abuse" is such a wide topic though its hardly shocking that they can't put a definition into words, that doesn't mean they don't understand it and know its wrong.

I think all young people should have people they know they can trust to talk to, and the schools should ensure that young people understand that however I don't think anything like that needs teaching in to much depth, personally I think growing up with an awareness is better than trying to 'scare' children.


Birdsgottafly · 20/05/2011 20:37

I think that training is getting better for professionals and the laws are there to be used. CP breaks down when the rules are not adhered to and the professionals do not understand their role and the role of the multi professional team and they do not fully collaborate. My own DD has started work in childcare, as a unpaid student and has had basic CP/abuse training, i am pleased with its quality.

I think that abuse should be coverned in PSE, but the problem is that adults are often in denial, so if asked a question by their child, they give out the wrong information.

Its tough to teach that something is wrong when it is happening in the childs home.

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