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To be worried about my possible drug dealing neighbour

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parno · 20/05/2011 20:20

I have noticed over the past couple of weeks an increasing number of visitors knocking round at my neighbours house - at least 10 every night. They don't go in, just have a quick chat on the door step. I haven't been able to see if anything is being handed over due to my overgrown bush (yes I know). There are a number of children who play out on the path including my own DD and DS.

AIBU to want to report this to the police? Or am I just turning into a curtain twitching biddy? .

OP posts:

worraliberty · 20/05/2011 20:22

I suppose you could if it becomes a problem. They might keep an eye on the place if they have time or recieve other complaints.


vigglewiggle · 20/05/2011 20:23

Give them a call. Can you take a note of any car registration numbers of the callers? You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously if you prefer.


Birdsgottafly · 20/05/2011 20:23

In my experience situations such as drug dealing from the house get out of control very quickly (windows getting smashed etc). You could report it, the police will up their vigalince which might stop the behaviour.


BlackSwan · 20/05/2011 20:25

At least 10 every night! Roaring trade. Go over and demand a cut or say you'll report them.

Seriously - just call the local police - let them deal with it.


worraliberty · 20/05/2011 20:26

How do you know your neighbour hasn't advertised a job or some thing for sale in a newspaper or something?

10 visits a night over the last few weeks doesn't necessarily mean they're up to no good.


parno · 20/05/2011 20:27

Thank you for your quick responses. Car reg would be a problem as round these parts bikes are the preferred mode of transport for the stoned youth. At least they have some level of responsibilty, plus there is always the issue of my bush.

OP posts:

vigglewiggle · 20/05/2011 20:30

You keep wanting to talk about your bush - start a new thread for that issue Wink.

I know the police would be interested. Do you have any info about the neighbour that you could pass on?

If there is an innocent explanation then I'm sure that can be establised fairly quickly.


parno · 20/05/2011 20:34

vigglewiggle - I think I am having a Sid James/Benny Hill day today, or maybe I have unresolved issues from my childhood.

OP posts:

worraliberty · 20/05/2011 20:36

viggle you may know the police would be 'interested' but that doesn't mean they're going to have the time or resources to deal with this.

I mean "Hello police officer, my neighbour has had up to 10 visitors a day over the past few weeks" isn't really likely to cut the mustard unless they're all sat round the station bored out of their skulls.

If there was any kind of anti social behaviour to report...well that would be a different matter I'm sure.


vigglewiggle · 20/05/2011 20:41

I know a thing or two about these matters. It's actually not a very resource-intensive issue to sort out and (if it is dealing) it is anti-social behaviour.

It is a fairly simple process of gathering any background information, possibly doing some surveillance and then obtaining a warrant to search the premises.

I'm not suggesting that this will happen overnight, but your information could kick-start the process, if no-one else has reported it yet.


northerngirl41 · 20/05/2011 20:44

Hmm... you know generally good drug dealers are really excellent neighbours - your neighbourhood will be safer than safe, you will never get broken into, your car will never get nicked, and they have lots of money for community watch, repairs, improvements, the garden etc.

Crap drug dealers are useless because they are the ones who have people dropping round all the time - if you report them, chances are you'lll have 6 months of unmarked police cars clogging up all the parking spaces and no one will actually bust them because they'll be waiting for the big guy to come in.

I suggest a much easier campaign - send a bunch of roses to the drug dealer's wife with some innocuous message "thanks for last night" etc and they'll split up and move on. Much quicker, much cheaper.


vigglewiggle · 20/05/2011 20:47

Grin northerngirl - like your style!

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