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To be annoyed with this company

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Mandybelle · 20/05/2011 18:03

I had a interview booked for 6pm today and my partner had one booked for 2pm. Unfortunately he didn't get the job but he asked if I was on the list and they said i wasn't and that the last interview would be at 4pm. I had a email confirmation of my time (6 pm) so I rang the head department and they said yes I was on the list.

I then got in touch with my local store who said they didn't have me on their list so i said to the recruiter that obviously the times had been mixed up but would she give me a chance to have a interview as had my heart set on it, the head office also sent her a email about the mistake and that i should have the interview and she just said no she is finishing at 4 and i should find out why the time was messed up. So i said ok fine and what lovely customer service i have received. I find it so annoying when recruiters fob you off when it wasn't even my fault that they had given me the wrong time. I would have been really annoyed if I had ended up going at 6pm and wasting my time .

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LynetteScavo · 20/05/2011 18:08

I'm struggling with this...they messed up, have they offered you an interview at all?
"So i said ok fine and what lovely customer service i have received." Were you being sarcastic? If so, you weren't a customer, you were an interviewee.

I'm bemused as to why your partner even inquired if you were on the list. Confused


Mandybelle · 20/05/2011 18:38

No they haven't offered a interview at all, today was the last day. Yes i was a interviewee but I mentioned about the service as the head office had said they would be happy to let me have the interview whereas the recruiter said her last appointment was at 4pm and she had to go home. He asked if I was on list as he told the interviewer that i was coming to a appointment later and then she said I wasn't on the list so that's when I rang to see what was happening. I don't mind too much but round here there is hardly any jobs so that's why I'm just a little upset as there is hardly anything here. Just having a bit of a moan really x

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Silverstar2 · 20/05/2011 18:43

You and your partner were being intervied for the SAME job?

a little odd.


TheProvincialLady · 20/05/2011 18:51

It's never a good plan to be anything other than polite and friendly with potential employers, no matter how much they mess you about. You might have been called for interview on a B list if they couldn't recruit from the first interviewees. But now you have been rude, you have no chance - not just this time, but potentially every time the company has a vacant post.


TheProvincialLady · 20/05/2011 18:54

But I can understand your frustration. I hope you and your DH find work soon.


Mandybelle · 20/05/2011 18:57

Yes as a new store had been built so they were recruiting for customer assistant positions (not sure how many vacancies there was). Yeah I agree TPL. Oh well I'm sure ill find something in the end :) x

OP posts:

tallulahxhunny · 20/05/2011 18:59

Silverstar2? how is it odd? maybe its a supermarket looking for extra staff or maybe a new store opening so what would be odd about that?


tallulahxhunny · 20/05/2011 18:59

oh cross posts


NetworkGuy · 20/05/2011 22:10

Silverstar2 - not necessarily the same job, but a big firm taking on a number of staff. Whether it be a store or admin or whatever, they could easily have 20, 50, 100, 200 posts, couldn't they!

For the OP, I would contact the head office again, telling them that the recruiter decided she was going home after her 4pm appointment and gave you no option for interview despite them having indicated it would be 6pm. It was only by chance that you found out that the recruiter was not going to be there, and under the circumstances, have they any opportunities for an interview with someone other than this recruiter, since you have no confidence in her giving you a fair chance.

Hope they will give you a chance at an interview, and at the same time, it will make this recruiter think twice about being 'fair' in future. Certainly not your fault, and if there are crossed lines between recruiter and firm, someone somewhere should be giving you an apology. What would it have cost you in time and fares/parking fees etc if you had gone to a 6pm interview only to find there was no recruiter there.

Seems very poor communication at their end and recruiter (if at fault) may have lost future work from that firm as a result. Not much consolation if you still don't get an interview, but may give a tiny bit of satisfaction...


NetworkGuy · 20/05/2011 22:38

In case anyone wonders, I clicked on this before TPL's response and then needed to save toast from burning...
Got back to post a long time later :)


NetworkGuy · 20/05/2011 22:41

TPL - I think a bit of sarcasm with the local store might be understandable - head office probably won't hear about it, though if it had been the recruiter it might have an impact on other vacancies if same recruitment firm (and recruiter) were involved for some other firm...


Jenstar21 · 20/05/2011 22:55

Whilst it's definitely poor show to muck you about like this, I do have to say my first thought was about them telling your partner about your interview. Deeply unprofessional to say anything about others being interviewed!


squeakytoy · 21/05/2011 00:15

It also wasnt a good move on your partners behalf to have even mentioned it really (even though it turned out to be helpful to you finding out about the error).

Once you have the jobs then fine, but many companies would probably avoid hiring two people who are in a relationship together if they can.


Mandybelle · 21/05/2011 16:12

Network Guy- That's a good idea but I'm just going to leave it really and concentrate with my search.

Jenstar- I agree but glad I am glad I got told instead of turning up to find no one there.

Squeakytoy- I suppose so but we would have been working on different shifts as one of us would be at home looking after the baby while the other worked.

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