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To be somewhat miffed at this??

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frazzle26 · 20/05/2011 15:49

My friend owes me £60 from 7 months ago when she "bought" a laptop from me. She hadn't mentioned repaying the money for ages and is always claiming to be skint so about 3 weeks ago I asked her when I was likely to get my money. Nothing has been said since until today when she said she may be able to give me some money in the next couple of weeks.

Getting to the point, what I am really annoyed about is that after claiming to be really skint and still not giving me any money she then bought an x box 360 game for £35 right in front of me!! Am I right to be annoyed??

OP posts:

Sarsaparilllla · 20/05/2011 15:51

I'd be fuming, ask her again when you're getting your money back!!

Cheeky bint


Bloodymary · 20/05/2011 15:54

YANBU I would be effing steaming as she CHOSE to buy a game for £35 rather than pay you half what she owed you.


trixie123 · 20/05/2011 15:55

absolutely and I think you would not BU to speak up directly about it. I had a similar situation with a rather larger amount of money owing. when the person in question kept saying she couldn't afford to start paying me back had a new TV, ipod, laptop and various other things I eventually e mailed her (she lives far away) suggesting that perhaps these things were luxuries for people who did not have debts owing. She took the "hint" and started repayments. Ask her again for the money and if she says she is skint, say "oh, well, as I you bought that game I assumed you must be fine". She'd have to be pretty thick skinned not to get that!


Dropdeadfred · 20/05/2011 15:59

Did you let her know you were not amused?


frazzle26 · 20/05/2011 16:45

TBH, at first I was pretty speechless and didn't know what to say so didn't say anything for about 5 minutes. I finally came out with "those games are really expensive aren't they??". I guess I was hoping she'd get the hint that I was trying to say "how can you afford that when an hour ago you were telling me you barely had enough to live on". Now I'm home I'm kicking myself for not being more direct and saying something there and then.

OP posts:

Pictish · 20/05/2011 17:19


You have to calmly tell her that it is not ok to claim lack of funds as the reason for being unable to pay you your money, and then blow more than half of what is owed on a bloody computer game less than an hour later!!

That's outrageous!

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