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To wonder what the point is?

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catfunt · 18/05/2011 15:02

to set the scene - nov 2006 I ended my marriage, it was a dv situation and only when i got out did i realise how much he controlled me.

He left me with a lot of debt in joint names and i have gradually worked to repair my credit as best I can while enduring a lot of health and other problems.

Ive now met a lovely bloke, been together 2 years and recently moved in together, unfortunately he was made redundant shortly before he moved in, so Im the only wage earner and my temp job finishes end of this month.hes applied for literally hundreds of jobs so far and getting nowhere.

my tenancy for my house ends at the same time, council are useless at rehousing us so have been trying desperately to get a private let.

I discovered there was a ccj from january 2006 which i hadnt even known about, for a loan i dont remember being taken out. its for a huge amount of money (£12000) and im certainly not in a position to pay it off.

I have been upfront with agents about it, and so far 2 have turned us down for a house, so we're facing being in a hostel where DP and my 16 yr old DS would apparently have to go in one for single men and I would have to go in one for women with children.

I dont want this if i can avoid it, council apparently have schemes for private lets im not eligible for beciause I work, if i was on income support I would be.

to cap it all was offered a job yesterday, to start as soon as my temp job ends, would have been perfect, but it now looks like theyre withdrawing the job offer due to the CCJ

i feel like my ex is still managing to control my life, and im wondering where i went wrong, Im letting everyone down by being the reason we could be homeless and jobless. the job would have emplyed me with a criminal record FGS so i feel like im worse than a criminal!

i dont think im a bad person but at the moment i feel i must be and dont know where to go from here

so AIBU to think there must be something wrong in the world when im trying my best to provide for my children and it seems if you know the right way to go about things you get everything handed to you on a plate?

at the moment i either want to get very very drunk or just curl up in a ball and go to sleep...

sorry this has become a bit of an essay, if youve red this far thank you for letting me rant!

OP posts:

OldLadyKnowsNothing · 18/05/2011 17:37

Can you go and see CAB re the CCJ? Doesn't seem right that it's in your name and you knew nothing about it. Could your ex be done for fraud?


FabbyChic · 18/05/2011 17:40

Surely you would know if you had got out a loan for 12k? As OLKN says could this be a loan that your ex got out in your name and you never knew about?

You need to contact the company concerned and ask to see all relevant paperwork, if someone has signed for a loan in your name they need to be brought to the attention of the police. If you have a crime number you can get the info removed from your file pending investigation.


FurKnickersAndNoCoat · 18/05/2011 17:41

Why would a CCJ affect you being offered a job??


FabbyChic · 18/05/2011 17:44

If the OP wants to work in a bank, or in a financial institution it would affect her.

With regards housing, try Gumtree, or Private lettings.


beesimo · 18/05/2011 17:56

I would normally say stay and sort your mess out but it isn't your mess OP its your Exs.

You need to 'change you sky' that is move right away from your problems. If you can scrape together £500 walking money I suggest you all move to Ireland for awhile there are loads and I mean loads of nice properties for rent due to the housing boom busting as nobody can sell and their only option is to rent out. You will get a house easy as wink. As a EU citzen you are entitled to dole/housing benefit and you will also get a medical card. Then regroup and get back on your feet.

Good Luck To You Never Say Die and March On

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