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In wanting to sit on Lord Hereford's Knob...

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TiggyD · 18/05/2011 14:31

just because that hill has a very silly name? It's just south of Hay-On-Wye By-The-Way!

OP posts:

thelittlefriend · 18/05/2011 14:34

we went on holiday with a couple of friends near there a few years back. Oh how we giggled at the idea of climbing Lord Hereford's Knob....


HalfPastWine · 18/05/2011 14:38

Oh please, is this for real. Is there really a place with that name? I'm off to Google..... :)


Ariesgirl · 18/05/2011 15:04

Oh the fun I have had on Lord Hereford's Knob.

You could always call it Twmpa.

Less sniggerworthy, but not as fun Grin.


TiggyD · 18/05/2011 15:24

I tried Brown Willy once. That was just because of the name as well.Blush

OP posts:

COCKadoodledooo · 19/05/2011 23:35

I have ridden Lord Hereford's Knob, and I couldn't walk the next day Grin

(dh took me ponytrekking from Llanthony Priory for my birthday one year, many years after I had last been on a horse)


5318008 · 19/05/2011 23:36

heh heh heh


BitOfFun · 19/05/2011 23:38

The closest I've got was Arthur's Seat.

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