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Running the whole lot from the one website when it's got adult-ish stuff on it?

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SpringchickenGoldBrass · 17/05/2011 22:39

I'm branching out with my badgemaking and want to put an extra page on my website but there is a percentage of adult stuff on there that I have no intention of removing. Would you be put off buying non-adult items just because there were some adult items elsewhere on a website?

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DialsMavis · 17/05/2011 22:53

Could your norty content stop some people accessing the badges due to parental controls? Ds is very proud of himself for using the word "Badgina" whenever possible as "you have to let me say it because we learned it at school" I see know reason to correct him while he is being such a cocky little so and so...


Mumwithadragontattoo · 17/05/2011 23:31

To be honest I think I would. Probably helpful to separate the two parts of the business and the websites.


squeakytoy · 17/05/2011 23:34

So long as it is not the first page that people get when the hit your website, then no problem.

A link to "the ruder stuff" would probably be fine. I would be more likely to look at that first anyway! :)


SpringchickenGoldBrass · 17/05/2011 23:35

Right, so FB business page it is for the new stuff Grin. I won't hide the connections, exactly, just have a slightly different set of business cards made.
DM, yes, parental controls might well do. Not that the main site is particularly filthy, but it does contain some erotic fiction and other writing about sexual behaviour along with some more risque badges.

OP posts:

squeakytoy · 17/05/2011 23:46

If you are having business cards made, use Moo. They do great quality card for free.


LauraIngallsWilder · 17/05/2011 23:53

simple answer: yes!


muminthecity · 17/05/2011 23:58

Erotic fiction you say? I think I'll have to have a quick look at your website for myself, just to be able to answer your question properly of course. Where can I find it?


SpringchickenGoldBrass · 18/05/2011 00:09

MITC it's // and actually in need of a bit of an overhaul, but do let me knwo what you think.

OP posts:

DontCallMePeanut · 18/05/2011 00:28

Hehe! The window stickers are tempting. I don't deal well with unexpected visitors Grin


SpringchickenGoldBrass · 18/05/2011 00:38

DCMP: I have cleaner ones of those, on Etsy - but I can't use Etsy for advertising custom-made bulk orders, can I?

OP posts:

Straight2Extremes · 18/05/2011 01:06

Seems fine to me SGB

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