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to leave my dd asleep on the floor

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samoa · 17/05/2011 09:12

My dd has just fallen asleep on the living room floor. AIBU for leaving her asleep there or should I take her to bed and risk waking her up?

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familyfun · 17/05/2011 09:13

if dd 6 months falls asleep on her play mat i leave her there and cover her up Smile


Shakirasma · 17/05/2011 09:14

Leave her. Pit a blanket on her and shut the doors to stop draughts. She will be fine x


nethunsreject · 17/05/2011 09:14

Oh, you lucky bugger! Leave her.


Shakirasma · 17/05/2011 09:15

Unless she is 20 years old and steaming drunk, in which case kick her butt into bed


sparkle12mar08 · 17/05/2011 09:18

STEP AWAY FROM THE SLEEPING CHILD! One of my cardinal rules of parenting. Do not shake, poke, prod, stroke or otherwise disturb a peacfully sleeping baby!


samoa · 17/05/2011 09:35

Buggggeeeeerrrrrrrrr! postman rang our superloud buzzer and dd woke up! oh well! it was too good to be true!

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